Westminster Show Dog Shows Off His Bravery By Rescuing Entire Family From Devastating Fire

Most posts in the Shiba Inu Facebook groups I belong to are adorable pics of Shibas being Sheebs – you know, their side-eyes, their fluffy butts, their goofy teefs – but last October, Julia Haight wrote a harrowing post about her dog Tomi’s bravery.

tomi 9

Julia’s posted this on the Shibaholics Facebook group:

Today my Shiba Inu saved my life. Not just mine but four humans, four dogs and three birds plus numerous fish and a turtle. At 6:00am this morning I was woken up by Tomi stomping all over me and when I didn’t respond right away he continued to push me with his shoulder while trembling violently. I half woke up and then realized I smelled smoke. The house was on fire in the spare room right across from our bedroom. Bc of him I got myself and my husband up, got my brother and his girlfriend up, got the dogs out and got the birds out. 911 responded immediately and the fire was put out. Our house is destroyed and we’re temporarily homeless in a hotel but due to my brave, determined little dog I’m alive to post this. Tomi I owe you everything and before today I didn’t think I could love you more but here we are. Because of you my brave little boy.

tomi 4

Everyone in the group was incredibly moved by Tomi’s bravery. Now, the whole world is talking about Tomi, thanks to the Westminster Dog Show.

Tomi isn’t just a superhero, he’s also a show dog. The Shiba showed off his gorgeous physique earlier today in New York.

tomi 4

Tomi didn’t win the competition, but he will always be Best in Show in our hearts.

We love you, Tomi! Thanks for keeping your mom and the rest of your family safe!

Feature image via Jewel Smash aka Waldorf/Facebook.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago