What Your Default Dog Cuddling Position Says About You

Written by: Nicole Zalat

July 5, 2016

Cuddling dogs is one of the simple pleasures in life that no one has to teach you how to enjoy. You just do it, and you love it, and it makes everything alright when the world is falling to pieces around you. But what does your default dog cuddling position say about your personality?

1. Face2Face


Being face to face with your pupper is a great way to stare into those big ol’ puppy eyes that just melt your heart. You’re most likely one of those people for whom eye contact is important, communication is a big deal, and you like to fall asleep and wake up to slobbery kisses.

2. The Slumber Pawty


When you need to go to your happy place, you surround yourself with as many puppers as pawssible and just lie back and let the puppy love rain all over you. For you, life is a beautiful chaos but you take it all in stride and enjoy the ride, just like dogs do.

3. Dog On Top, Arms Around Neck

samoyed cuddle

Your dog is your source of comfort, and she knows to place most of her body on top of yours. The rhythm of your heartbeats against each other makes you both drift off into sweet slumber. Despite your usually confident demeanor around other people, you need the familiar full weight of your pupper on you to feel safe and wanted.

4. Puppy Shield


No matter what their size, a cuddling session isn’t complete without your pupper’s entire body on top of yours. Your pupper is your shield from the world, and you tell him your deepest, darkest secrets knowing he’ll never tattle on you. Your pup has easily earned the trust your human friends take years to earn, and that’s okay with you.

5. Human Big Spoon, Dog Little Spoon


Whether you share your bed or couch with another human, being the big spoon to your pup’s little spoon is your #1 way to decompress. The calm rise and fall of your pupper’s body as she breathes fills you with the warmest love. Defending and protecting those you love is of utmost importance to you, and the ones who love you know you’ve got their backs no matter what.

6. Dog Big Spoon, Human Little Spoon


When you see your pup lying alone, you crawl in under his arms and legs for some spooning action. He may give you terrible side eye the first few times, but eventually he relaxes and allows you to fill your comfort meter in the safety of your pupper’s embrace. Rejection may hurt, but you’re willing to put yourself out there for love.

7. Limbs Intertwined


Both you and your dog have different positions to cuddle in, but one thing always stays the same: your arms and legs have to touch. Your pup is independent and don’t need no man, except for when there’s an extra spot on the couch. You’re fine with not being needed all the time, but you love being able to reach out and remind yourself that things are okay. You’re confident in your own body and can count on others to multiply your happiness, not make you happy.

8. Love Sandwich


You like to be the Oreo filling when cuddling. You need to feel supported in your past and future choices and seek approval from those you love. You don’t really enjoy being a leader, but you’re a hell of a team player.

9. The Big Baby


Whether you accept it or not, you have a penchant for putting the needs of others before your own. For you, true happiness comes from being the one your friends turn to for loving advice, for nursing their bruised egos, for a pep talk when things go awry. You enjoy giving and being a safe, kind space for others.

10. The Headlock


Your dog is EVERYTHING. You go about your day doing human things, but every once in a while you look over at your pupper and are overwhelmed with this all-consuming powerful love that you show by throwing your arms around your pup’s body. You’re gentle, but firm when you show your affection for others. Some may find it stifling, but for you, anything less would feel insincere.

11. The Bodyguard


Your dog knows you love him, but sometimes it feels like he’s the one who has to initiate physical contact. You’re careful with your feelings, but those who know you know you’re kind and loving under that guarded exterior. Your pup doesn’t care what you look like, how bad your day was, how anxious you’ve been feeling lately — he’ll always reach out and remind you he’s there.


12. Selfie Addict


Your photo gallery is FULL of pictures of you cuddling with your dog. For this to be possible, you have to cuddle in a position conducive to Extreme Selfie Taking. You’re the kind of human who loves making memories and sharing those happy memories with others, just to spread love with anyone who might need some cheering up.

13. The Smothering


Your dog knows when it’s cuddling time because you attack them with kisses, snuggles, and belly rubs. Some may think it’s too much, but how can you love someone too much? Your pup deserves to know he’s loved unconditionally, and the way his tail wags when your face lights up and you descend on him with your smooches is worth it. You live life fully, and you tell those you love that you love them — every chance you get!

What about you? What’s your favorite cuddling position? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via @parkeryorksmith/Instagram

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

July 5, 2016

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