10 Things Dogs Whine About That Are Totally Legit

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 30, 2015

Very little is as heart wrenching as listening to your sweet pup whine. It’s even worse when you don’t know what’s causing it or how to stop it.

Thankfully, we’ve sleuthed out some info that might help you figure out what’s up with your fluffbutt.

1. Super-duper excitement!

Whining is not always about the sads. Pups can whine when they see someone they love. They’re probably saying “OMG! I thought you left me 4eva!”

happy greeting

2. It’s seriously potty time!

If you’ve missed your dog’s earlier potty signals, whining may indicate that there’s about to be some pee happening.

dog peeing upsidedown

3. They for reals don’t like someone.

Whining can be a sign that your pup feels threatened, like when the mailman shows up looking shifty.

dog mailman

4. Your pup is majorly hangry.

The solution for this one is easy. Drop some food and no one gets hurt.

hangry whining dog

5. They really don’t want to be without you.

This ties a bit into our first reason. It’s hard for some pups to be without their pawrents and they don’t like it when we go to work or if they don’t get to sleep in our rooms at night.

guilt trip


6. They need some belly-rub action.

If you’re a bit too engrossed in your Netflix binge-watching session, your pup might give you a little sadness laced sass until you give him a few scratches.


7. There’s a disturbance in the Force.

Things like thunder, fireworks and other loud noises can scare your pup and make her anxious.

scared pup

8. Your help is required.

If your pup is a tosser (no, not that kind of tosser), check to see if she’s thrown her toy someplace out of her reach. It might be time for you to fetch it!

dog cant reach toys

9. They feel 100% guilty.

Maybe they stole your dinner. Maybe they ate your shoes. Maybe they peed in your shoes! Whatever they did, they are absolutely sorry they disappointed their favorite hooman.

guilty puppy

10. They have an owie.

Sometimes your pup has an injury that you know about. In that case, it’s obvious why he’s whining. But other times, you may not know. If your dog is whining extensively, a vet visit is probably a good idea.

cone of shame

Featured image via @arisuuri /Instagram

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Written by: Regina Lizik

May 30, 2015

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