Why You Should Volunteer At An Animal Shelter In Two Photos

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 26, 2016

A lot of people tell Kristen Auerbach, Austin Animal Center‘s deputy chief of animal services, that they would be too sad to volunteer at a shelter.

“We ask them to come spend just a day with us to learn what it feels like to take a cowering, terrified dog and turn it into a bouncy, grinning, tail-wagging machine,” she tells BarkPost.. “There is literally no better feeling in the world.”

Now we have photographic proof that Auerbach is right.

On Sunday night, this extremely sad photo was taken of a dog named Cow, in her kennel at the Austin Animal Center – Austin’s city shelter, which is no kill.


Cow is a sweet young Pit Bull who arrived at the shelter in mid-January.

Folks there don’t know Cow’s background. They do know Cow was covered in scrapes, had mange, and seemed pretty terrified.

A shelter can be an overwhelming experience for sensitive animals. Cow was so scared that she wouldn’t even get up to walk.

After that first photo was taken, a message went around to volunteers, asking if someone could take Cow out for a while the next day — give the little Pittie a break from the kennel, and help her feel more comfortable, less afraid.

On Monday, “volunteers mobilized, and several of them dedicated time to helping this sweet girl come out of her shell,” Auerbach says.

Here’s what our joyous Cow looked like while being loved on, Texas-style:


Tell us that doesn’t have you wanting to run out to your local shelter right now, to make a dog’s day great.

And hey – Cow is up for adoption still, too!

As Auerbach puts it: “She really does deserve somebody to put this smile on her face all the time.”

Find out more from the Austin Animal Center.

Featured image via Austin Animal Center

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 26, 2016