Elderly Woman Gets Her Wish When She Asks Santa For A Dog To Keep Her Company

Eighty-four year old Ann Upton is a great-grandmother to 13 children. Although she has a large family, she wasn't going to be able to spend the holidays with them. She was heartbroken and lonely. No one wants to spend this time of year alone. Ann knew it was a longshot, but she decided to ask the one person who is supposed to make Christmas dreams come true - Santa Claus. letter to santa She tapped into her inner child, something all of us should do more frequently, and wrote a letter to Santa. The note began with:
Dear Santa, you may think I'm dumb. I'm 84 and live alone. Could it be possible that you would bring me a Chihuahua pet.
Postal worker Nila Dubas is one of the people who answers the many letters addressed to Santa. She was incredibly moved by Ann's heartfelt plea. She contacted Clare Duran of Fur-Ever Fosters and, together, the two women found the perfect pup to make Ann's holiday dreams come true. christmas chi That dream-fulfilling pup was Lady Bug! An adorable Chihuahua who needed Ann as much as Ann needed her! Watch the video below to see the very moment these two best friends meet for the first time:
h/t Local 12 News.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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