Woman Courageously Wrestles Nine Foot Python To Save Her Dog’s Life

Written by: Katie Haller

September 16, 2015

It’s hard to measure exactly how much you love your dog. But we’re going to go ahead and say wrestling a nine-foot python for 30 minutes is a pretty good barometer.

Stacy Tucker, 49, was walking her two dogs in a Hong Kong country park when all of a sudden her crossbreed, Pippa, was ambushed by a nine-foot Burmese python, which is a sentence I sincerely hope I never have to write again.

To give you an idea of what this thing is capable of, here it is swallowing a crocodile whole like it’s nothing.


Tucker had just run into a fellow dog walker, Colin Dyson, 52, when the snake abruptly snatched Pippa with its jaws and began coiling itself around the dog. Tucker said, “You could barely see Pippa at all because the snake was completely coiled around her.”


Note to self: Never visit a website called “World’s Deadliest Snakes” again.

Even while sitting on it with her entire weight, it still continued to wrap itself around Tucker’s leg. “It was exhausting, but I wasn’t going to give up. Pippa is my baby. She is part of the family.”

Finally, using a branch, Tucker and Dyson were able to leverage the snake’s fangs away from Pippa’s skin. Pippa immediately ran off and Dyson was left with the snake. He then threw the snake into the bank.

Tucker admits that without Dyson there she is not sure she would have been able to rescue the dog. “Luckily Dyson is a pilot and level-headed. He kept his cool throughout the whole thing.”

Watch out, Samuel L. Jackson.


Tucker said that her muscles were shaking as if she had just lifted weights. “I felt like I had done a round with Mike Tyson.”

Yeah, but in this situation, SHE IS THE TYSON.


Pippa was left with two puncture wounds and broken blood vessels in one of her eyes, which happens when you’re being strangled by a nine foot death machine. Fortunately, Pippa, Tucker, and Dyson will all be just fine.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to blast my biceps, triceps, & all the other muscle groups involved when STRANGLING A PYTHON.


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Written by: Katie Haller

September 16, 2015

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