This Woman’s Precious Wedding Ring Was Saved By A Dog Pooping.

A woman in Sitka, Alaska, recently lost her wedding ring. She suspected her 90lb. Mastiff pup of the devious deed, but she didn’t have any proof. After diligently checking Halli’s poop for weeks, Nikki Balovich gave up.

Months later, while perusing the Internet she saw an ad for a ring that said, “FOUND! Beautiful wedding type band. If u have lost a ring, no matter where, call and describe! Found in an unusual place.”

Wedding Ring-Dog

On a whim she decided to reach out to Bob Potrzuski, the person who placed the ad. “It’s been so long, but I had a gut feeling. I thought I’ll call, why not?” she told The Sentinel.

Turns out, the ring was found in dog poo on a field that both Balovich and Potrzuski used to volunteer at. The ring is now back on Balovich’s finger.


A quick google search for wedding ring and dog, will pull up numerous stories of dogs swallowing rings. DogShaming even features a couple of hilarious stories on their site. While this seems to be a thing, we just hope the pups don’t hurt themselves trying to gobble a bauble.

Wedding Ring Dog shaming 1

H/t Sun Sentinel

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago