Woman Spends Her Days Cuddling The 200 Dogs She Saved From Meat Farms

At 61 years old, Jung Myoung Sook is one of the most fearless people you will ever meet. She’s also one of the most selfless.

South Korea 200 Dogs

Jung has been rescuing dogs in South Korea, a place where dogs are a popular food item, for 26 years. Currently, she lives on a large compound with over 200 dogs. Prior to that, she moved seven times due to neighbors complaining about dogs barking. Those complaints, and her community’s lack of understanding of her love for dogs, isn’t stopping her from saving lives.

South Korea 200 Dogs

Jung told the Associated Press:

My babies aren’t hungry. They can play and live freely here. Why is that beggar-like middle-aged woman smiling all the time,’ but I just focus on feeding my babies. I’m happy and healthy.

And hundreds of dogs are happy and healthy because of her! Watch the video above to learn more about Jung’s lifesaving work.

Feature image via Lee Jin-Man.

h/t Mashable.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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