UPDATE: Police Desperately Searching For Woman Who Threw Her Pug Onto The Street

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 28, 2015

**UPDATE January 7, 2015**

Brandi Chin has been located and arrested in Vallejo, California by Fairfield police.

Authorities suspected she may have fled Solano County with her Pug Benny, whom people have witnessed the woman abuse in public more than once. Officers have taken Benny to safety at Solano County Humane Animal Services, where he has been examined by a vet and determined to be in otherwise good health.


Chin faces animal cruelty charges for the footage of her throwing her Pug during an argument with her boyfriend. See the original story below.

H/t NBC Bay Area, Featured Image via (left: ABC 7 News, right: Twitter/Lt. Rob Lenke

**Original Post**

Police in Fairfield, California are looking for a woman caught on camera slamming her Pug onto the ground. A neighbor began filming the argument between the woman, whom police have identified as Brandi Chin, and her boyfriend. He never expected to catch such a horrible act of animal abuse.

In the video, you see the woman’s ex-boyfriend pick up the pup and cuddle him. Unfortunately, the man was not able to keep the Pug safe for long. Chin fled the scene with the dog. Police are currently looking for them both.

***Be aware that the video you are about to watch is extremely disturbing.***

BRANDI CHIN of Fairfield Pennsylvania st. If this isn't animal abuse I don't know what is.

Posted by David Shields on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sgt. Michael Ramirez of Solano County’s Humane Animal Services told a local news station:

We are looking to file animal cruelty charges against her and have this dog removed from her because the dog doesn’t deserve that.

Sadly, it seems that Chin is still abusing the pup even though she is on the run from law enforcement. Ramirez also said:

We are currently looking for her at this time. She is, from what I understand, hiding from us. She was recently seen walking down a business district in Fairfield, and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around.

Police are desperate to find Chin and to rescue the Pug. The sweet pup belongs in a forever home with someone who will love him. Police believe that Chin is still in Solano County in California. If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call 707.428.7300.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 28, 2015

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