The World Finally Has A Dog Toilet And Yes, It Is Magnificient

Yes, it's here. The toilet for dogs. And folks, it's magnificent. poloo pic The aptly named PoLoo is the world's first automatic canner for your canine that makes bathroom time easy for you and your dog. And look at how cute it is!! poloo closed BUT WAIT YOU GUYS IT'S NOT JUST AN ADORABLE TOILET. That's right. Not only does PoLoo make bathroom time easier for your dog, it also protects them from infections and helps them stay healthy. If only our toilets did that. According to their website, the geniuses behind PoLoo wanted to change the way we care for our dogs. Your pup's new porcelain (it's not made of porcelain) palace helps prevent urinary tract infections (your dog's, not yours, sorry) by allowing your furry friend to relieve him/herself regularly. peeoclock After all, holding urine for an extended time can result in bacterial colonization and infections. It may also contribute to long-term problems and is associated with the bladder control issues that often accompany older age. PoLoo anatomy PoLoo certainly simplifies life for busy pup parents, who work long hours and can't necessarily come home during the day. It's also a major plus for anyone who deals with inclement weather and harsh winters. dogster rain BUT WAIT YOU GUYS THERE'S ALSO AN APP. Yes, it just keeps getting better. The app tells you when your pup uses the bathroom, sends alerts if the water is running low, and analyzes any data you might need. You can even receive a picture of your dog's poo! poloo app PoLoo also helps keep your home clean and tidy by encouraging your pup to relieve themselves in one easy-to-use location. So hopefully this sort of thing stops happening. dog poo gif Currently, PoLoo production is limited and every piece is handmade in Italy. Who said poo couldn't be glamorous? Not us. We would never say that. Just recently, the company launched their fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, in the hopes that they can launch a full-fledged commercial production. If you would like to donate, or are interested in reading up more on this cool technology, visit PoLoo's Indiegogo site here. And if you want to contemplate this any further, please refer to this classic dog poop moment from Billy Madison: itspoopagain
Featured image via @thefauxrean/Instagram
H/t Indiegogo

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago

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