Compassionate Humans Gave This Wounded Dog Back The Hope He’d Lost Long Ago

Like many homeless dogs, Bhaloo has a painful past. When Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue team found him on the streets of India, the elderly dog was suffering from some serious injuries. Most worrisome was the damage to Bhaloo’s right ear, which was severely torn and infected, most likely sustained during a fight with another dog.

bhaloo ear

AAU’s team wasted no time rescuing Bhaloo from the street so he could receive the care he needed. They soon discovered that his right ear was necrotic, and needed to be removed entirely.

bhalooo recovery

After five weeks of extensive treatment, Bhaloo is a healthy and happy dog once more. Watch the video above to see his journey.

To help dogs like Bhaloo, be sure to visit Animal Aid Unlimited.

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago

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