14 Things Dogs Do That Make Us Go WTF?

Reviewed by Emily Wang

November 4, 2015

Sometimes the things our four-legged friends do are just utterly perplexing.

1. They’re not picky at all about where they sleep, but take forever to decide on a place to poop.


2. Loves jumping into the lake. Hates baths. Because lake water and bath water is clearly different.


3. “Nothing there? I better bark at it, just to be safe.”


4. Brings the toy over and begs you to throw it, but won’t let you take it as soon as you start reaching for it.


5. “Toy? No thanks. Oh he’s going to play with it? I think I’m interested now.”

giphy (1)

6. Doesn’t stop to smell the flowers. Stops to smell every dog butt that comes within 5 feet of them.


7. “Let me in! Wait, let me back out. Wait, I think I want to come inside again.”


8. Doesn’t like dog food. Will eat animal feces.


9. Someone knocks on the door. TIME TO FREAK OUT.

giphy (2)

10. Would rather eat food off the floor than out of the food bowl.


11. Scared of vacuum. Not afraid of cars driving down the street at 40 mph.


12. Rolls in poop. Because poop over perfume any day.


13. Has a nice comfy bed. Pushes it to the side so they can sleep on the hard floor.



Featured image via @AndrewKnapp

Reviewed by Emily Wang

November 4, 2015