15 Dogs Who Just Want To Say “Cheeeese!”

Saying "cheese" when taking a picture is a sure way to elicit a smile, because it's pretty hard to not smirk when randomly sprouting out the word "cheese." Not to mention it's just so happens to be a funny word. Though the origins of the phrase are a little sketchy, there's one thing we do know: These 15 pooches are desperately trying to mimic us hoomans as we say "cheese" and smile for the camera. Here are 15 dogs who just want to say "CHEEEEESE." 1. "GRRRARR, My eyes were closed!" 13721297_1030175220406003_138477909_n 2. "Teeth and one eye----halfway there!" 13703197_275116006177978_1130496873_n 3. "Okay, wide smile and both eyes closed...not sure I'm getting the hang of this." 13736085_989707267794460_2081186363_n 4. "Heeheee I'm legit so cute that I can't stand it." 13724484_1023742761078853_1126362916_n 5. This one is going in the high school year book next to "Most Likely to Succeed." 13741125_611135519064836_1452449731_n 6. "uhh huhhh huhh huhhh" 13741108_1805961962974620_248009708_n 7. "Quick I just got my teeth brushed---look at my pearly whites!" 13706930_1760472637529355_1462636308_n 8. Family photo-op. 13707071_494972690698591_1621769983_n 9. "Maaaaa, do I have to wear the pig outfit again???!" 13658412_305105606494851_1155228631_n 10. Dave, age 2 1/2. 13721089_1097663826968942_1482932896_n 11. "Duh CHEESEEEEE" 13722045_1134706636551848_356396607_n 12. "I totes look like a hyena in this one." 13731205_887324244706150_2100486573_n 13. "Cheee---bleh." 13694479_1242174552468301_1776905823_n 14. "Ho ho ho---where is there cheese?" 13745009_1713031565623797_596942057_n 15. "If you can get a closer-up on my nose, that would be great." 13744054_596989223797709_2117722336_n

Featured image via @tina93d/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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