Meet The Yorkie Who Helped Launch One Of The First Luxury Doggie Fashion Lines

With two pawrents in the fashion industry, it was inevitable that Lottie was destined for fashion fame. She got her start by accompanying her father, Edward Chapman, CEO of Marchesa to work every day, where she would regularly return home in luxurious cashmere sweaters. lottieceo Her mother, Katy Shell couldn't help but notice how adorable and chic Lottie looked one day when she returned home from the office in this sweater. Not to mention, how cozy she was to cuddle. The look was designed by Helena Lau, executive director of research & development at Marchesa, who used scraps of fabric from the Marchesa headquarters to design Lottie's look. That's when Lottie's mom, Katy Schell, realized there wasn't really a place for people to find high-quality clothes and accessories. So she teamed up with Lau and to launch Atelier, a line for dog apparel and accessories. lottienavy A few months later, the Lau and Schell teamed up to create Ready To Wag, a website that puts the best luxury brands all in one place. lottieondress Lottie is just one of the models featured on the site. And let me tell you, she knows how to work that camera. Here she is modeling the Gramercy Cashmere Turtleneck Pet Sweater. lottiegramercy And that picture wasn't even her good side. #WERK. lottiegramercy2 In addition to modeling some of the website's best looks, she has an impressive social media following with over 4,000 Instagram followers. I can't imagine why... Oh, maybe it's because she is ADORABLE. lottiecute After scrolling through her Instagram, it was obvious her expertise not only lies in canine couture, but in hooman cotoure as well. lottiedresses She knows dresses. "I'm just not crazy about these hem lines..." lottiethinking Shoes, obviously. She is basically Carrie Bradpaw. lottieshoes2 She can always help you pick out the right clutch. "Generally I try not to wear a clutch that's bigger than my body, which most of them are." lottieclutch She is also no stranger to trend-setting. Here she is turning a turtleneck INTO a beanie. Sorry Brooklyn hipsters, she thought of it first. lottieturtleneck On top of a great sense of style and good looks, she also has a bit of a sense of humor. lottieteeth Basically, my question is, how can I be her best friend?
Featured image via BitchesGuideNYC
H/t to NYPost

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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