Newly-Adopted Yorkie Had Absolutely No Clue Both His Legs Were Broken

When Chewie was discovered in Santa Ana Park in Orange County, California, he had what were likely weeks-old fractures just beginning to heal. [bp_related_article] OC Animal Care performed the necessary surgery, wrapped a couple of casts, and watched as his personality bloomed. Despite running around with the equivalent of two wooden peg legs, Chewie can frolic, bounce, and chase with the best of 'em. His demeanor shows he was likely part of a family at one point, but his injuries are a mystery. Not surprisingly, he's won the puppy jackpot with a big family and even a big four-legged sister. Nothing stops that Yorkie determination---peg legs be damned!
H/t & Featured Image via PAWsitive/YouTube and PAWsitive/Facebook

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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