Sick 8-Year-Old Becomes Official K-9 Officer Because Dreams Do Come True

Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 25, 2015

8-year-old Zachary Boucher has just become the youngest K-9 police officer in the Cape Coral Police Department in Florida.

At 5, he was diagnosed with primary immune disorder hypogammaglobulinemia (which makes him prone to sinus infections and pneumonia), Zachary has always loved dogs. His dream, even when he was younger, was to be a K-9 officer.


So, his parents, the police department, and other kind-hearted hoomans decided to make that dream come true. Tuesday, Zachary was sworn in by Police Chief Bart Connelly and spent time with the K-9 unit learning different commands.




He even has a new partner: Nate!


For more on Zachary’s story, check out below!

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Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 25, 2015