14 Definitive Signs That Your Dog Is Your Soulmate

Yes. A dog is definitely man's best friend. But c'mon, let's just admit it, this is a safe space. For us, dogs go way beyond being best friends. They're our soulmates. Here are the 14 ways it's totally true: 1. You wake up to their beautiful faces in the morning... 2. ...and after a long day, just being in each other's presence is immensely satisfying.
end of day
3. No one in the world knows your deep dark secrets except your pup.
shoulder to lean on
4. With your pooch, you feel a sense of contentment. And you know that nothing can replace that feeling. kissed 5. You know each others flaws and you love them anyway.
6. If you want to get silly and stupid, they won't berate you, they join you! 7. They ALWAYS believe in you and bring out the best in you. 8. You learn and grow from each other, together, to become better beings. growing up 9. They genuinely miss you when you're gone. Missing you 10. And when you're together, the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's just you and your puppers in a cosy, happy little bubble. 11. While they can't wake you up with breakfast in bed, they definitely do it with a big sloppy kiss.
morning licks
12. You never hesistate to share your real feelings with each other. Forget games. There are no secrets in this pupship. truth time 13. In your heart, you know without a doubt that they will uphold this vow forever.
14. You know that no one will ever look at you the way they do. Those eyes are really filled with true, undying, devoted love. Hearts
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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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