Your Weekly Dingus: Meet Buddy & Lexie, Two Dinguses Who Get Extra Derpy When They See A Camera

This week in dingus, we've got Buddy & Lexie. What makes them a dingus? Let's find out. 1. If you scroll through an Instagram feed and the ratio of derp to non-derp is around 3 to 1, you're probably a dingus.

This is Buddy. dingusBL14

This is Lexie. dingusBL8tongue

This is them having a dingus discussion. dingusBL5yelling

2. You can always tell a dingus by what they are afraid of. Lots of dogs are afraid of thunderstorms or vacuums. Trash bags though...that's a dingus fear.

"Don't get mad, get Glad. Or terrified..." dingusBL11superderp

3. They love to watch TV, and by that I mean curiously bark to their friends who seem to be stuck in this box. Their mom told us:
"Buddy also loves to watch TV like a human. Especially if there are huskies or wolves on. His favorite movie is "Snow Dogs", and every Sunday he has to watch "Lucky Dog" on CBS. Other favorites include: Puppy Bowl, agility shows, and any dog food commercial. He will get up and bark at the TV and walk around the speakers trying to find the dogs."
4. Every morning they practice for dingus choir, apparently. Doesn't matter what time. They also sing when their humans get home from work early, which is aderpable. 5. There's regular fetch. And then there's dingus fetch, which has weird rules. dingusbuddyball
Buddy enjoys playing with toys by himself. First however, a human has to go get the desired toy and throw it once. Then Buddy will proceed to play with and toss the toy by himself.
6. Their major derp faces come out when they are begging. Particularly for popcorn.


"ME TOO PLEASE" dingusBL10pooplook

"Did you actually want the popcorn?" "No, did you?" "No." "So why were we begging?" "Idk..." "K." dingusBL16popcorn

7. Buddy gets a little too excited when he sees a camera. If you want a cool, candid, composed shot of a dog, this is not the Instagram account for you. If you love a good derp face, then you're in the right place.


8. She will scoot herself while lying down across the floor to pick up a crumb or toy. She has earned the nickname "bacon" because that's what she lives for, and due to her large stature. dinguslexie 9. Lexie is also known for her farts, which are worse than Buddy's. WAY TO DEFY STEREOTYPES LEXIE YOU ARE QUINGUS (Queen Dingus). dingusBL12suspicious 10. About that time Buddy got his head stuck in a bucket... dingusbuddybucket __________ Want your pup to be a featured dingus? Submit your pup here, or upload a pic to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ShowMeYourDingus.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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