Your Weekly Dingus, Kona, Is That Awkward Coworker In Every Office

First of all, this dingus is one of the most beautiful dinguses we've ever had. And her name is Kona. Her Instagram handle is @faces.of.kona, which sounds like a soap opera I would definitely watch, but only if it starred her. kona2 Every office has that coworker who is particularly awkward. Kona is that coworker. kona1 This week we're going behind the scenes into the BarkHappy pawffices in Columbus, Ohio where Kona bumbles around in all her awkward glory. kona11 Just one scroll through her Instagram account and it's obvious she is the queen dingus, or quingus, of their office. kona16 "I am Queen Kona. Bow wow down dinguses. I mean if you want. You don't have to. Idk. I'm a dingus." Some fun facts about Kona: She just turned 1, but she's been derping since she was a tiny pupper. Just look at this whimsical dingus frolicking in a field. konagrass3 It's a BADINGUS (A baby dingus) kona8 She has no concept of personal space. Because she is a dingus. Duh. kona6 This is actually the exact face I make any time I have to make a phone call. I relate to this dog on so many levels. kona4 "IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO A DINGUS PLEASE PRESS 1." When you're asked to speak at a team meeting, but you're not mentally prepared. kona3 When you tryin to see the bathroom situation cause you don't want to walk in at the same time as your boss cause how can you look her in the eye in a professional setting if you was just peeing and a little fart came out like you'd probably just have to quit and get a whole new job. kona12 When you toss some trash into the bin like you're shooting a 3-pointer, but you miss by a long shot. kona15 When you hear your coworkers deciding where to go to lunch and you wanna go but you don't want to invite yourself so you just kinda hang out in their line of vision in the chance that they'll stop and be like "Are you stretching or do you want to join us?" kona10 That awkward moment when you fart on your coworker's lap. We've all been there, right? Jk. That would be wildly inappropriate. (Unless you're a dog) kona14 When you're the last one to get the joke. And then you laugh way too hard. konacollage When your business cleavage is too casual. kona13 When your crush brings their girlfriend to the office party. konacollage2 Literally me at any networking event. kona5 When you get out of work on Friday and you have a whole weekend of derping ahead of you. konacar That does it for this weekly dose of dingus. Submit here if you think your dingus can out-dingus this dingus.
Featured image via @faces.of.kona

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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