Unwanted Pup Finds Furever Home Thanks to Inmates and BarkBuddy App

This is the amazing comeback story of a pup named Zak. Thanks to a wonderful program called Death Row Dogs and the BarkBuddy app, Zak now has his forever home!


Image via Rowdy Rescue

Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?  It all started when Zak’s previous owners gave him up to Rowdy Rescue last year because he was a precocious little pup who liked to get off his chain and visit his neighbors.  But who can blame him?!  No pup likes being chained up!  He was just looking to have some fun and be with some hoomans that love him!

But the fine volunteers at Rowdy Rescue saw major potential in this pup, and, soon, Zak was enrolled in the Death Row Dogs program.  What is the Death Row Dogs program you ask?  Well, let us shed some light on that! (My puns are top notch.)

According to, “Death Row Dogs is a 12-week course with a specific curriculum designed for both dogs and inmate trainers.  The program has two goals.  The first goal is to save the lives of dogs.  The second goal is to help individual inmates.  The program is located in the Green River Correctional Complex (GRCC) in Central City, Kentucky.”


Image via Rowdy Rescue


Zak loved the program and excelled!  The inmates taught him all the basic commands, such as sit, stay and lie down.  But they also worked with him on some truly pawsome tricks, such as shake, roll over and play dead!  He even did some scent training– fancy stuff. Check out Zak in action in his training video below! We smell a buddy cop movie franchise coming on…

Rowdy Rescue knew they had to get the word out about this special pup, and that’s where the BarkBuddy app comes in! The rescue put Zak’s profile on BarkBuddy and a wonderful hooman adopted him. His new mom says without BarkBuddy, she would have never met the ruv of her life:

He is very well trained and patient and loving. I know Rowdy Rescue contacted the Death Row Dogs program as I had expressed interest in finding a dog that could be trained to be a therapy dog, and they wanted to make sure Zak would be a good fit. DRD has said that they are here for us for the life of the dog for any questions we may have. I would not have found this dog or learned about any of these programs without BarkBuddy – I am thankful for [everyone involved].


Image via BarkBuddy

Now, Zak’s an extremely happy, well-trained pup having the time of his life!  Zak even went to the park the other day and a nice lady said it looked like he was smiling.  She said he seemed like a happy pup because he wags his whole body, not just his tail.

Oh, and Zak’s new hoomans changed his name to Kona.  Fresh name for a fresh start!
To learn more about the pawsome work being done by Rowdy Rescue and Death Row Dogs, visit their Facebook page! Looking for your own perfect pup match? Download the BarkBuddy app to be matched with fluffy adoptable singles in your area. Maybe BarkGood’s next tale of BarkBuddy adoption success will be yours!

Griffin Shaffer

8 years ago