How Zoe the Zombie Squirrel Became A Zombie

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

November 2, 2017

We held a contest and asked Instagram how Zoe became a Zombie squirrel. The tails (pun intended) were horrifying and humorous. Here are the three top winners:

BRONZE MEDAL TAIL (again pun intended)

Halloween True Story-Zoe the Zombie Squirrel edition (we swear this is true): Being from Australia, we knew not of these doe-eyed, bushy-tailed tree-dwellers, beyond the myths and legends told by our IG friends. What fun they seemed to have! SQUIIIIIRRRRELLLLL!!! We were missing out! So, one night after the pawrents had retired to their den we found Zoe online (you can buy literally anything online these days). She was pawfect! “Add to basket”;”checkout”;”expedited shipping”;”pay by MasterTreat”. Then we waited. And waited. Finally she was here…but something was wrong. Very wrong! Customs and Quarantine had irradiated her box on arrival…Zoe was dead! We can fix this…we must fix this! We just need to warm her up and give her a shock (like on TV). But after 30 seconds in the microwave and a knife in the toaster, no luck. We needed more power! Knife in the toaster IN the microwave…BOOM! Darkness descended over the neighbourhood and Zoe emerged from the microwave. Not exactly alive, but definitely undead! Zombie Squirrel! (Incidentally, this is why we're not allowed in the kitchen anymore). #areyouafraidofthebark #iseedogpeoplecontest @bark

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SILVER MEDAL TAIL (pun intend….ok, you get the gist here)

Laughing, Screaming Children raided the streets, dressed as ghosts and goblins searching for treats. The apocalypse was started just the day before. None of those kids walking knew what was in store. in haunted houses the adults went expecting a bore, little did they know they'd be leaving with much more. They thought those zombies looked a little too real, but the children and their parents had made a deal. Thats when a little girl dressed to look dead was bitten, not by the zombies but an infected kitten. The girls dog escaped her harness, and chased that kitten into the darkness. Where the kitten scurried into the trees, Zombie or not, still trying to flee. Whilst being chased by the Merle, The small kitten came across a family of squirrels. Zombie like instincts soon rose in her, She looked at those squirrels like they were her dinner. The kitten forgot about the dog and pounced at the family, All of the squirrels ran off in different directions frantically. Scurrying through bushes and cracking twigs vastly you hear, the squirrels are running in fear. the kitten on their rear, may soon end up in awful cheer. it’s clear now that the kitten has a fast pace, While the squirrels are just so tired from the chase. running up a tree as fast as the feline can exhale, she sees one of the squirrels turning frail. the kitten has claws that scale the forestry trail, hoping that the little squirrel will fail. the cat has smelt her furry little track, oh how Zoe shouldn't of stopped for a snack. kittens claws sprawling out, to get ready to climb this tree with no doubt. Zoe wondered if she should run or hide, Seeing the cat made her eyes get wide. there’s not another squirrel in sight, how could she survive this fright. Zoe knew her only chance was to jump, but only landed making a thump. She slipped from the bark to the ground, in the last seconds before her face made a frown, Zoe thought, oh what a night to be a squirrel in this town. In her fall she was dazed, And a Zombie kitten with the look of an utter fleshy haze. walked over to zoe with her silent paws, and sank in deep her dirty claws. #ISeeDogPeopleContest #areyouafraidofthebark

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GRAND PRIZE TALE (…we got over the pun)

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Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

November 2, 2017