7 Dogs Tried CBD For The First Time, And Their Humans Are Being Totally Honest About It

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 16, 2018

Trying new things can be scary, especially when you suspect that thing will personally victimize you. (I’m looking at you, fennel. You licorice-flavored bastard.) When the dogs at BARK had the opportunity to try CBD biscuits and extracts, their humans didn’t know what to expect.

Some of our pups deal with noise-related anxiety, discomfort related to medical conditions, or are simply unable to relax in the midst of all the office hubbub. Their only job is to be happy. So we asked if their humans wanted to give it a shot, and they let us know how their pups reacted.

From Christina, our Director of Team Development

Thunderstorms are Stella’s least favorite thing. Normally, she’d be hiding in the bathtub shaking/peeing, but with CBD, during the last thunderstorm she looked like this:

From Kenan, our Associate Merchandiser

When I used to bring Ginger into the office, she literally couldn’t sit still for longer than 5-7 minutes due to the overstimulation of people, smells, and other dogs. Since I started using CBD, she’s still her normal self, but she’s able to finally relax!

From Natasha, a Happy Ambassador

My pup, Rocky, is a 13 year old Papillon, and he has very bad dental disease. His mouth would quiver when he yawned and ate, he started getting sick and stopped eating. After just a few days on CBD, he is getting sick less and his mouth has stopped quivering!

From Jaclyn, a Happy Ambassador

Opie has occasional dog aggression, especially with a specific dog in my building. After a week on CBD they had an accidental, unavoidable encounter and Opie sat down and didn’t even bark at the other dog!

From Kirk, our Affiliate Marketing Manager

Since Layla’s been on CBD Oil, she paces herself, eats little bites, and now will even leave food for later. It’s helped her weight and now she doesn’t go after every piece of food she can find like she’s never eaten before.

From Frankie, a Happy Ambassador

Lenny has more energy than any dog I know. Before I gave him CBD, he literally would not sit down from the time we woke up to the time we went to sleep at night. I’m not kidding, he would just stand there and stare at us until we threw a ball or took him on a walk. I started feeding CBD to Lenny every morning and […] he is no longer anxiously awaiting for me to play at all times. He still has his fun, quirky personality and he still gets just as excited when I tell him we are going for a walk, but overall he is less anxious. He will lay on the couch and watch tv with us, plus he sleeps like a baby now!

From Maya, a Happy Ambassador

Weston is an anxious prince who trusts no one. Since CBD he’s […] let more people pet and love on him. His separation anxiety has also gotten a lot better. He is learning to master stay/wait now without freaking out because he can’t see me. Plus, he loves the taste of the oil on top of his food so it’s a treat for him!

If you’re not sure whether CBD might be the best fit for your pup, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet to explore your options. Shop all CBD biscuits and extracts on, and chat with our team if you have any questions!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 16, 2018

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