5 Ways To Protect Your Pup From Sunburn This Summer

Hello summer and sunny days! It seems everyone and their pup is out soaking up some Vitamin D at the park or, if you’re lucky, on a warm sandy beach. Although a dog’s fur naturally protects them from the sun, it doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to sunburns on their noses or areas where there is less fur.

Here are a few ways you can avoid sunburns for dogs:

1. Rub on the sunscreen!

Sunscreen for dogs may seem like a fad but can be quite handy. It should be applied on the dog’s nose, ears and other exposed areas. When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it contains no zinc oxide, which is toxic to canines. Check your local pet stores for FDA approved sunscreens such as Epi-Pet. Always make sure to spot check before slathering it on — you want to make sure it won’t irritate your pup’s delicate skin.

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2. Strut around in fashionable threads

If your dog is allergic to sunscreen, an alternative would be sun protecting clothing. Lighter colored clothing can also help keep your dog cool. Playa Pup has a nice assortment of shirts geared towards protecting your pup from UVA/UVB rays.

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3. Shade, shade, shade!

Shade works in two ways — it cools down your pup and also provides them with an escape from the sunny rays.

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4. Keep at least half an inch of fur

Dog fur helps protect the skin from sun exposure so keep a bit of fur! If your dog is shaved or has exposed areas, it would be a good idea to put sunscreen on those areas.

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5. Rock the Doggy Goggles

A dog’s eyes are a common place for canine melanoma. If you live in a particularly sunny area, investing in a pair of canine glasses can help protect your dog’s eyes from the harmful UV rays.

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