What Are The Best Beds For Small Dogs?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 26, 2018

Small dogs want big comfort! Dogs with a more petite build can of course fit almost anywhere – laps, couch arms, table placemats, your face. However, getting them a nice spot to comfortably lay their heads might be better for them (and your face, for that matter).

Why Buy A Dog Bed?

Imagine what a week of resting on hardwood would do to your back! Prolonged floor nap sessions can cause aches and pains for your dog, but with the right bed, this can be prevented.

Baby Got Back Support (Small BarkBox Memory Foam Bed)

BarkBox Bed For Dogs With Joint Pain

Even if your day is filled with nothing but eating and pooping, it can be hectic on the back. Hip dysplasia is a risk in breeds across the board, but spikes in some smaller breeds, like Pugs. Memory foam beds like the BarkBox Orthopedic Bed form to the shape and weight of your dog. So whether we’re talking about a 4 lb. Pomeranian or a 100 lb. Golden Retriever (don’t worry, they come in large too), the BarkBox bed will support their bodies. Plus, if your dog makes a mess of it, you can just unzip the exterior and wash it with the rest of your laundry. ($35.99.)

For The Needy Nestler (BARK Snuggle Sack)

BarkShop Snuggle Sack

A classy dog likes to curl up with a good book (or snore loudly into a bag of treats, more realistically) in bed. Dogs like to cuddle because it provides warmth and a feeling of affection! When held, they can feel a rush of endorphins and instills a peace of mind. The Snuggle Snack is a win for a dog that likes to nuzzle. The soft, high walls make it fun to burrow into, and it comes in extra small, so even the tiniest dogs can feel cozy! ($16-24.)

Closed In And Cozy (Frisco Igloo Bed)

Frisco Igloo Bed for small dogs

Whether your house has a lot of foot traffic or multiple animals, the Frisco Dog & Cat Igloo Bed offers a hideout from everything. This cushy cubbyhole provides a reserved spot where your dog can wind down. Dogs get overwhelmed at times, too, especially small dogs in areas where they don’t have room to roam, so having a place to hide out is healthy. ($19.99.)

Warm Your Buns (K&H Lectro Outdoor Heated Bed)

KH Lectro Outdoor Bed

Smaller dogs are more susceptible to the cold. When it’s under 50 degrees, they can certainly feel the difference. If you’re living in an area with brutal winters, try being a step ahead for the sake of your shivering canine companion. The cool thing (no pun intended) about this bed is that it can also be used outside. Whether you’re outside enjoying some fall festivities or coming in from a chilly romp, your dog can enjoy huddling into this soft, fleece bed. ($99.)

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 26, 2018

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