4 Totally Normal Explanations For Your Dog’s Bizarre Sleeping Habits

Written by: Katie Haller

November 3, 2015

Ever wonder why dogs look like they’re running on an imaginary elliptical in their sleep?


Strange as these behaviors may seem, there is a logical, and biological, explanation. Let’s start with one of my pawsonal favorites.

1. Curling Into A Ball


The Ball of Cuteness actually serves a purpose OTHER than making us swoon. When dogs sleep in the wild they dig a nest and tuck into a ball to conserve body heat. Curling up also protects vulnerable organs from predators, like the cat, or the vacuum cleaner.


2. Belly Up

Or as I like to call it, “Bits To The Wind”.


This is pretty much the opposite of curling up in a ball. This position says, “I’m relaxed, I am comfortable, I don’t care about a mother puppin thing right now.” It also could mean your pup is hot. Like temperature hot.


3. Twitching, Growling, Barking, Etc.

Research has shown that dogs dream during the REM phase. So if you see a sudden twitch or witness them doggy paddling in their sleep, they’re probably just dreaming about swimming in a sea of bacon.


4. Burrowing

This is more about preference. Some dogs love to burrow under the covers…


…while others are more over-the-cover pups.


Behavioralist Dr. Brenda Forsythe says this might be dependent on a dog’s need to feel companionship while sleeping with a human, which pups identify as a “pack member”. Certain breeds are bred to burrow, such as dachshunds.


It’s kind of the same way men are conditioned to avoid asking for directions at all costs. It’s the way they’re wired, even if they don’t realize it.

See? Wasn’t that interesting?!


Ok, you know what I’m trying here.

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Written by: Katie Haller

November 3, 2015

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