Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Your pup is always watching what you eat and wants to know if they can have some too. It's not always easy to know which of your favorite foods you can share with your pup, and which to avoid. Strawberries are much loved and they're a great snack for us humans, but what about dogs? Can they also chow down on this sweet treat? The answer: Yes, absolutely, 100%! Full of flavor, natural sweetness, and health benefits, strawberries are a favorite among humans. Fortunately for our four-legged friends, they can also enjoy one of the most popular fruits in the world. Next time you're prepping some strawberries for a snack, don't forget to put a few aside for your furry pal to indulge as well!

The Benefits Of Strawberries

Curious dog Although strawberries are covered in tiny seeds, this treat is safe for dogs. Pups can also have blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They're non-toxic and help them stay healthy in various ways. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin B and C, fiber, and folic acid. They can help boost your pup's immune system over time. These berries also helps with weight management and aging. They packs a powerful punch and contain antioxidants that can be very beneficial to humans as well as dogs. Strawberries are known to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, help fight bacteria, improve heart health, and prevent diabetes.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries Everyday?

As with all treats, moderation is key. Since strawberries have a natural sweetness, they still contain sugar, and too much sugar can result in your pup gaining weight. No matter how much your pup begs, this fruit should be given to your pup occasionally and not as a replacement for their daily meals. Try to stick with two to three strawberries a day.

What If My Pup Eats Too Many?

Too many strawberries can also cause your pup's stool to become runny and experience stomachaches. It's always a great idea to reach out to your vet if your pup works his way to the bottom of your bowl of strawberries. You should also make sure your pooch is getting plenty of water and keep them from eating food for a few hours. Keep an eye on your little one until they're feeling better!

How To Introduce Your Pup To Strawberries

dog and man It's always best to consult your veterinarian before treating your pup to any food that may cause allergic reaction - like food that contains poultry, fruit, and grains. Little by little is the best way to introduce your pup to any new food, even berries. First to see if they like it, as well as to watch their behavior and check for any allergic reactions. Some common allergic signs are diarrhea, itchiness, and vomiting. If any of these occur, contact your vet right away. Fresh is best! Simply take the leaves off, rinse the berries, and let your pal enjoy! Cutting strawberries into small pieces makes it easier for your pooch to eat and digest, also it helps to avoid choking. Please avoid canned fruit and strawberries in syrup - the artificial additives are never good for your little one. Chocolate covered strawberries should also be avoided. Try freshly picked berries or, in hot summer months, frozen strawberries to cool down your four-legged friend. Another fun way for your pup to enjoy strawberries is as a sauce! For smaller pups, try pureeing the berries and adding them to your dog's normal food. Either way, your pup will be more than happy to share a plate of berries with their favorite human!

What About...Other Treats?

Dog eating dog treats Of course, if you're pup isn't terribly interested in strawberries - hey, it happens! - you can always try out other all natural and delicious options! BARK has everything from crunchy biscuits to soft-baked to jerky-style to freeze-dried. They're ALL soy, gluten, and corn-free, made in America, and pup-tested/pup-approved! And did we mention they're delicious?

Don't Forget About BarkBox!

Small dog with BarkBox If your pup's treat tastes go more to the crunchy biscuit/soft-baked/jerky-style/freeze-dried kind of treats and less to the fruit variety, consider getting them a BarkBox subscription! Every month, a box filled with 2 fun toys, a meaty chew, and 2 bags of tasty treats will be delivered straight to your door. And all for as little as $22. That's a treat as sweet as a box of delicious strawberries!

Hope Bobbitt

3 years ago

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