Spring Is In The Air, And It’s Giving Your Dog A Fever… Spring Fever!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 16, 2016

As the weather warms up, lots of dog owners notice a change in their pup’s behavior. Some dogs might become more energetic; others may grow uncharacteristically agitated. For humans, this change in behavior is often referred to as…SPRING FEVER (dun, dun, DUNN).


But can a change in season really change the way your pup acts? Well, if you think about it, for humans, the arrival of spring is simultaneously exhilarating and confusing. After all, even after it warms up, it can be hard to leave your layers at home in good conscience (wait, so you’re telling me I don’t need my scarf and gloves and hat? Are you sure?!).

melting dog

So it’s no surprise that our furry friends feel the same way – in fact, dogs experience spring fever just as much, if not more than humans do. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. Whoever Smelt It…

dog sniffing

Nature is stinky. Think: flowers, leaves, grass…and of course, we can’t forget not-so-pleasant heat-induced stenches. Your pup’s sense of smell is pretty strong, and all these new odors are probably throwing him for a loop.



Remember learning about hibernation back in grade school? Yup, it’s real. Along with the warmth, spring brings the squirrels. And the chipmunks. And the birds. Obviously, your pooch needs to defend his territory from these terrifying trespassers! So don’t be too surprised if your dog sudde—SQUIRREL!

3. It’s Getting Hot in Here 😉

dog flower 

Dogs don’t have a specific mating season, but some studies suggest that mating increases in frequency during spring. So if you notice your pup being extra…affectionate, just blame it on the above average temps.

4. The Energizer Puppy


You know how brutal it is when someone turns on the lights after you’ve already adjusted to the dark? Well, your pup doesn’t find the brightness all too bad. In fact, research shows that dogs produce less melatonin (the chemical that makes you sleepy) during the sunny months (spring and summer), making them more energetic.

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Featured image via @borderhusky_yoko /Instagram

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 16, 2016

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