A Dog Accidentally Ate Edible Marijuana. Here’s What You Need To Know

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 24, 2015

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Disclaimer: BarkPost does not endorse the use of illegal substances. It is not advised to give your dog an illegal substance and nor is it good for pups.

As many of us know, our pups can get into just about anything and find food in unexpected places. But this is usually normal human food, what we might not expect is our pups getting into something really unusual… like edible marijuana. One Weimaraner pup munched on some edible marijuana he found at a local park and it almost cost him his life.

1 dog

Catherine Edwards took her dog Bodhi on a routine walk at Chessman Park. At the end of the walk, he found something to eat. She told USA Today about her experience:

“I didn’t think anything of it. He’s always chewing on sticks and other things.”

2 dog

It wasn’t until much later in the day that Bodhi started to show symptoms of consuming edible marijuana. Instead of typical human experiences such as drowsiness with marijuana, Bodhi behaved much differently.

4 dog

Edwards observed many physical, uncontrollable symptoms:

“His behavior was really scary. He was twitching. He lost function in his legs. He lost all control of his bowels. I thought he was going to die.”

5 dog


Edwards took Bodhi to the vet straight away. Veterinarian Dan Berman confirmed that the pup ingested marijuana:

“The biggest sign: bizarre behavior. It’s like if one of your friends was stoned, you might notice their bizarre-like behavior. Another sign is loss of bladder function.”

6 dog

Bodhi is recovering, but Berman notes it’s important to be vigilant in case your dog does accidentally consumes the drug:

“Dogs love the taste of chocolate, candy, butter, and if there is enough pot inside those edibles, dogs can die from it. I have not seen it happen, but I know it can happen. It’s a very dose-dependent reaction, as far as we know.”

8 dog

However, High Times reports that animal consumption of edible marijuana might help certain health problems:

“A 2012 study conducted at the University of Pisa (Italy) found both the natural endocannabinoid system and consumption of cannabis compounds protects against the effects of allergic inflammatory disorders, such as allergic skin diseases in dogs.”

9 dog

High Times notes what type of behavior to look out for if an animal consumes marijuana:

“If they consume too much, they can undergo disconcerting side effects such as a loss of fine motor skills, along with prolonged disorientation.”

10 dog

Both sources also strongly recommend going to the vet if your dog is exhibiting erratic behavior. High Times also reports that overdoses on marijuana are unlikely.

11 dog

It’s important to be informed of ingredients and potential toxins for dogs. When it comes to marijuana, the Insquistr reminds us that there isn’t a specific lethal amount for pets:

“San Francisco vet Eric Barchas said pet pot intoxication only occurs when excessive quantities of marijuana or edibles are gulped down by an animal, and only lasts a few hours before wearing off. Beyond that fact, as noted, no median lethal dosage for pets has been set.”

12 dog

Always monitor what a pup is looking at, sniffing at or possibly eating during a walk or any outdoor activity. While eating marijuana might not be fatal, it may affect your pup more severely than it affects other dogs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a veterinarian if you believe your pup has consumed the drug.

H/t via USA Today

Featured image via Animal Specialty Group

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 24, 2015

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