The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do to Your Dog In the Summer Heat

Every summer when the temperatures rise, the dogs-left-in-hot-cars problem rises with it. Here at the BarkPost we have a Google Alert for “dog” and we see way too many news stories reporting a dog’s death because of a hot car. There’s no malicious intent behind folks leaving their pups in cars, people just don’t know how hot a car gets even when the windows are rolled down.

One vet, Dr. Ernie Ward, made a Youtube video to show just how oppressive the heat can get inside a summer car. Even with all 4 windows cracked an inch, the car went from 94 degrees to 117 degrees in just 30 minutes.

Another thing that pups up on our Google Alert is people breaking into cars to save dogs trapped inside. There are countless videos like the one below on Youtube that show people breaking into cars to save the overheated pups. (Side note: the Husky in this video was totally okay. :))

To combat the whole breaking into cars thing, “good” dog parents are posting hilarious signs on their car windows letting folks know that their dogs are totally cool. <-- Pun intended. [caption id="attachment_17135" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Image via Reddit Image via Reddit[/caption]

Though it’s all very clever and we’re huge fans of CCR, it’s probs best to leave your pup at home. You don’t want them driving off without you in a running car. 🙂

Image via Dogs Driving in Car Windows
Image via Dogs Driving in Car Windows

Featured image via Vice

Stacie Grissom

8 years ago

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