Health Considerations Every Dog Owner Should Keep in Mind

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 6, 2020

Being a dog owner, unfortunately, isn’t just warm hugs with your four-legged friend and runs through the park. While the enjoyable moments with your dog make up most of your time together, you also need to keep their health a top priority. Keeping your dog healthy is a significant responsibility, which can seem overwhelming if you haven’t given it proper thought or planning. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the most important health considerations to keep in mind.

Their Sleeping Habits

Ensuring your dog gets night after night of quality sleep should be one of your biggest priorities as a dog owner. Sleep is vital as it allows your dog to recuperate after a hard day’s running around. While the amount of sleep your dog needs is dependent on a number of factors, one thing that’s for sure is that they need to get quality sleep in order to maintain optimal health. The easiest way to guarantee your dog is getting the sleep they need is to invest in an orthopedic dog bed. Our memory foam dog bed is not only super comfortable for your dog to relax and rest on, but it also boasts many other handy features. To name a few: it’s water-resistant, it has a machine washable cover, and it comes in four colors and sizes. While there are many choices of dog beds on the market, ours truly excels in terms of comfort, quality, and value for money.

Their Medical Expenses

As a dog owner, medical expenses are inevitable. One way to better manage them is to get health insurance for your dog. If you thought getting pet insurance was just for us two-legged folk, think again. You should give it serious consideration if you want to ensure you’re always prepared for any health problems that come your dog’s way. While getting pet insurance may seem like a luxury, paying a small amount every month can save you a significant amount in the long run. Rather than forking out thousands—or tens of thousands—if an unexpected accident or illness occurs, with the right insurance plan you’ll be completely or mostly covered.

It’s for this reason, many dog owners appreciate the peace of mind which pet insurance brings. It’s ultimately a personal choice, but it’s worth giving some time to research. Insurance options can vary widely, so be sure to compare different policies. For example, some plans will cover annual checkup whereas others will not. There are many options out there, so finding one that suits your pet’s needs as well as your budget won’t be a problem.

Their Diet

Whether you’ve been feeding your dog the same food for years or you’ve recently become the proud dog owner, it’s well worth pinpointing the precise type of food that’s best for your pooch. Many dog owners simply assume what type of food their dog needs when in reality it could be substantially different. Put simply, different dogs have different food requirements, so you may need to account for the age, size, breed, and general health of your dog.

For example, in the same way, a puppy’s needs will vary from a mature dog’s, an active and healthy dog will vary from one with health problems such as diabetes. To find out which food your dog could benefit from, consult your vet. They’ll provide you with all of the expert insights you’re seeking. They’ll not only be able to tell you what to give them but how much.

Dogs baking dog treats

Their Psychological Health

It’s hard to know how best to keep our dog’s mind sharp and positive. We often focus on their physical health, but their psychological health is an equally crucial consideration. Beyond showering them with lots of quality time together, one of the best ways to support their psychological health is to train them.
Whether that involves teaching them new tricks or improving their behavior is up to you. The point is to get their mind ticking so it stays young and active. The great thing about training is that it both helps them and helps you. A well-trained dog will cause you less stress and worry, and also make for more happy moments together. If you’re wondering where to begin with training them, check out this guide.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 6, 2020

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