Is Any Dog Toy Really Indestructible?

Written by: Elise Remp

June 9, 2022

Dog toy companies are getting closer and closer to outsmarting our super chewer pups, but are any dog toys truly indestructible?

Short Answer: No. We’ve literally seen a dog find a way to break a rock before. They can, and will, destroy toys eventually.

dog shredding a toy

No toy is 100% dog proof. But that’s ok! That’s why we call them TOYS, after all! Still, most pet parents want a few dog toys hanging around that won’t undergo a fluffectomy within the first 5 minutes of handing it to our pups. So how do we find the holy grail of tough toys?

Which Type Of Dog Toys Last The Longest?

Until humans discover a dog toy material equivalent to vibranium, you’re probably wondering which toys can withstand your dog’s goat-like shredding tendencies (for at least a little while). Don’t worry, we got you!

1. Rubber Chew Toys

Dog toys made with durable rubber are a great choice for super chewer pups. They’re made tough enough to withstand your dog’s Jaws-of-Life, but flexible enough not to hurt their teeth.

Pros: They’re not too hard. They’re not too soft. They’re juuust right!
Cons: Very aggressive chewers can still find ways to break pieces off after a while. 

2. Nylon Chew Toys

Dog toys made of nylon are extra hard to destroy, but also extra hard on your dog’s teeth. These are not a great choice for puppies or small breed dogs who tend to have weaker teeth.

Pros: They last hella long! They’re super easy to clean
Cons: They pose a greater risk of hurting your pup’s teef. And not all dogs are interested in this tough texture. 

3. Reinforced Rope Toys

dog playing tug of war

Rope toys are a great option for a lot of power chewer professionals, but they’re still shreddable.  Look for thicker ropes that are reinforced by knots, rubber, or nylon in the middle.

Pros: Gentler on your pup’s teeth than harder chew toys. Great for tug-o-warriors.
Cons: Your super chewer will probably shred a few pieces off during each play session, but it takes awhile to get to the center. They also hurt like heck when your dog whips it around with their head to smack you in the shin!

4. Multi-Layered Toys

super chewer toy with cloth outside and rubber core

Be prepared—the (often plush) outer layer of these toys is gonna go down super quick! But that’s half the fun, because the inner layer is usually made with a durable rubber or nylon that’s harder to destroy. 

Pros: Your dog gets a sense of victory from destroying the outer layer, but you get the last laugh when they reach the tougher inner layer that puts up a fight.
Cons: Outer layer is often made with easily shreddable material. 

How To Choose A Nearly Indestructible Toy

dog posing with a collection of dog toys

Be choosy with your chews! There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right tough toys for your pup.

Keep in mind that quality is key when choosing dog toys that last. If your dog is quick to shred almost any toy, it could be tempting to buy the cheapest toys you can find. “They’re gonna destroy it in 2 minutes anyway,” is probably your thought. But quality toys that have been tested for durability against super chewers are going to get you more bang for your buck in the long run.

Take caution with toys that are too tough for your pup’s teeth. Some toys are made with very hard materials that pose a risk of breaking or cracking your dog’s teeth. This is especially a concern with puppies and smaller dog breeds whose teeth aren’t quite as strong. Look for toys you can at least dent with your fingernail.

Go for the guarantee. Some dog toy brands, like Our Super Chewer collection, actually offer a 100% free-of-charge toy replacement guarantee on their toys made for super chewers like yours. You can trust that these companies put the time into making sure their toys can hold up against their shredding powers!

Reach for the reinforced toys. If your dog prefers plush and rope toys over the hard rubber and nylon toys, look for toys with reinforced seams that are harder to tear and materials that are thicker and sturdier.

Stick with a subscription box made specifically for super chewers. With BARK’s Super Chewer box subscription, your dog gets curated monthly boxes of the toughest toys and treats sent right to their door. No more searching for hours and delving into endless customer reviews in search of a toy that can hold up to your pup.

Dog Toy Safety Tips

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No matter how tough of a toy you find for your dog, all dog toys are going to come with some type of risk. After all, they’re toys, not food. So always keep these safety tips in mind with any dog and any toy.

  • Inspect toys before giving them to your dog. Not only should you check for manufacturing defects with brand new toys, but also check for any loose pieces, sharp edges, or broken bits later on.
  • Don’t leave your dog unsupervised with toys. Even the toughest toys can break and become a choking hazard, injure the inside of your dog’s mouth, or lead to intestinal blockage if swallowed. Always monitor your pup when they play.
  • Replace toys once they’re damaged, or remove broken parts. If toy fluff and eyeballs go flying, it’s time to take it away. If rubber arms are dangling, throw it out. Use common sense when you see that the toy (or pieces of them) are no longer safe to play with.
  • Select the right size toy for your dog. Toys that are too small, or have pieces that can easily be broken off, can be a choking hazard for larger dogs. Toys that are too big might not keep the interest of smaller dogs.
  • Wash toys regularly. It’s something often overlooked, but dog toys are constantly covered in glorious puppy slobber, rubbed up against that floor you haven’t cleaned all week, and carried outside into the muddy, poopy yard. Dog toys are a breeding ground for bacteria. Check the packaging to see if you can throw them in the washing machine, dishwasher, or if you need to, wash them by hand.
  • Keep your dog’s dental health in mind. Puppy teeth aren’t strong enough yet for toys made with harder materials, and senior dogs may be past their prime of dental health for the really tough toys. Always consider the health of your dog’s teeth before picking out toys.
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Written by: Elise Remp

June 9, 2022

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