Why Do Dogs Lick Couches?

This story originally appeared in BarkPost email, the new home of BarkPost’s original articles. If you want silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week, sign up at She is also a devoted couch licker. Seriously, she really gets after that couch. Look at her go! So we got to wondering-- Why *do* some dogs just love to lick the couch? You know the way you chew your fingernails or tap your feet, for really no reason at all? Some sources suggest that licking is your dog's own version of these behaviors. If your pup is feeling a little bored and has a little energy to get out, they might take it up with their old buddy, the couch. 17438003_406723133022875_9055845965595934720_n_copy Others think your dog's couch licking might be a canine form of OCD. If your dog is relentlessly licking any given surface they can find, you might want to take it up with your vet. 17493511_698636813676856_2102338770010374144_n_copy But the explanation that really delighted us the most? Your flakes: they're grrrreat! As pups, your dog was groomed by their Mama. This grooming habit stays with your dog. So as Napa's Daily Growl says: "Your dog may pick up smells or tastes of human skin particles on your couch, and begin licking the couch to clean – or groom – your tastes and smells as well." bijou_1 Thanks for reading! And sign up for BarkPost email to get our silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week!

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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