Why Does My Dog Follow Me Around The House?

Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 7, 2019

Ever feel like you’re being followed…in your home? Don’t worry, it’s just your dog. They’re keeping an eye on your every move as you go from one room to another. Oftentimes it’s cute when your pup acts like your second shadow, but it can be annoying if they, say, get underfoot while you’re doing laundry.

Do dogs follow us around because they want to help with chores or is there more to i? Other than simply being stalkers, there are plenty of real reasons your dog follows you around the house.

They Want Company!

Dogs aren’t naturally independent. They are traditionally pack animals and love to be around others. These social creatures thrive on attention and may feel anxious when on their own. Humans and dogs have proven to be great companions for one another. Furry pals who have bonded (i.e., having a strong attachment) with their owners look for the company and support they crave, and this can be displayed by shadowing the human everywhere they go!

It’s Rewarded Behavior!

Patience can be rewarding, and your pup knows that well. There is a possibility that your dog is following you around not because they want to be your best friend, but because they want something from you. Your furry pal learns what you teach him.  If your pooch learns that they’re more likely to receive treats, belly rubs, or anything fun and positive by being near you, they’ll be more likely to stick close.

Dogs are always looking forward to the next dog treat or game of fetch. Just like any other behavior, this is one they’ve learned by observing. Teaching and implementing  “sit” and “stay” will make a world of difference. Drool-worthy Barklyn Bacon Bagels will provide a little extra motivation during training.  Your pup will learn new rewarding behavior and you’ll be able to go to the bathroom by yourself!

Your Dog Might Be Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Boxer Mix Being Cute

Dogs experience stress in many different ways. Separation anxiety among pets is serious and can be easily triggered. Animals think the world of their owners and may become emotionally upset when they’re absent. Signs of separation anxiety include becoming anxious or depressed when you’re getting ready to leave, exhibiting destructive behavior, or trying to prevent you from leaving.

There is no quick fix for separation anxiety. For more information on this issue – including other signs and ways to deal with separation anxiety – check out our very thorough breakdown of the topic. Watching you leave may never be your dog’s favorite experience of the day, but facing this fear or provocation of anxiety will make both of your lives easier.

Your Dog Might Be Bored

Pit Bull With BarkShop Barkbox thinker toy dog casino puzzle

Humans aren’t the only beings who want to be entertained. Your sidekick may be following you around the house out of boredom. They’re looking for something fun to do or to expel some energy. Boredom usually leads to destructive tendencies and naughty behavior. Be sure to keep your pal stimulated with fun multi-part toys like “Andi’s Famous Plush Dumpling” and thinker toys, such as the “Dog Casino Puzzle.” Longer walks and more time for playing fetch helps ensure that your little one will be too tired to be destructive and to stalk you at home. “Launchable Landon” will put a spin on the tradition game of fetch and wear your pooch down.

When Is It Too Much?

You’re the best person in the whole world and your pup wants to spend each and every second with you. Is it cute or clingy? A “Velcro Dog” is when your pal is stuck to your side….well, like Velcro. When four-legged friends experience joy by simply being around their human, it’s nice and endearing. Velcro dogs take it to another level. You are the air they breathe and cannot be without you for a single second. You are their ultimate need, which can be too much at times.

Although people seek out dogs for friendship, support, and cuddle sessions, we want our fur family to be confident in their own right. The number one way ease up your pup’s Velcro tendencies to to increase their confidence! It can be as simple as enrolling your pal into doggy daycare. Doggy daycare is a great way to help your pup socialize and learn to be comfortable without you.

Other ways to get some space from your pup is to create a spot just for them in the house. Dedicate a corner or area in your home to your dog. The Felt Toy Bin can neatly hold all of your pal’s their playthings and the sides fold down so your pup can pick an choose the toys they want to play with! Also add a piece of your own clothing (maybe an old shirt) so they can still feel close to the one they love most.

If you’re having issues with your dog being too clingy – and not enjoying it – you may want to prevent them from sleeping in your bed. This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in the same room, though. Feel free to set up a cushion for your dog to sleep a few feet away, just not under the covers with you. Setting boundaries takes time and consistency is key for the best results. You pooch may cry or try to sneak back in your bed. Stand firm and don’t cave – no matter  how much they beg. All of your hard work will pay off!

Don’t Forget About BarkBox!

Small dog with BarkBox

Looking for tasty treats and fun toys to entertain your pup while you’re away from home? BarkBox has you covered! A box filled with 2 fun toys, a meaty chew, and 2 bags of all-natural treats will be delivered straight to your door each month. BarkBox is great for all kinds of pups and can be tailored to meet your dog’s needs. Feel free to reach out to the Bark Happy team at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 7, 2019

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