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10 Of The Greatest Dog Beds In The History Of Dog Beds

Having a comfy bed you can't wait to crawl into every night isn't just one of life's little pleasures---it's a total necessity! We spend a lot of our life in bed, and not just asleep. The same goes for our animals. And while your pup will be grateful for any bed you can scrounge up (sometimes a dirty pile of laundry works too!), it's nice to provide them with something extra cozy to snuggle in. Check out our 9 best picks below! Best For Most Dogs: SHERPA BAGEL DOG BED This awesome bed is made from poly-cotton blends and a waterproof outer shell that's easy to clean. It’s comfortable, has bolsters for your pet’s head to rest on, and is super durable. Available in six different sizes and various colors, the outer portion is machine washable. WHY WE LOVE IT: - WASHABLE! - Bagel/donut shape is super cozy - Comes in a variety of muted colors BUY HERE, $40.63-76 Best For Dog Parents On A Budget: AKC CASABLANCA ROUND SOLID PET BED This round bed is 100% polyester and machine washable. It comes in six colors, and reviewers call it the best bang for your buck for only $15. At 26x6 inches, it's best suited for smaller dogs, though the American Kennel Club offers a host of inexpensive dog beds for larger canines as well. My dog always prefers a donut bed for the "walls" to curl up against, and this deal can't be beat. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Quick & easy to clean - Amazing price - Available in 9 different shades BUY HERE, $14.99 Best For Dogs Who Love To Burrow: COZY CAVE PET BED This sherpa-lined bed features a cover that acts as a blanket or hood for any dog who likes to hog all the blankets. The internal wire keeps the hood up just enough so your pup can look out and keep an eye on things---it’s essentially a sleeping bag for pups! This little cave comes in five sizes and tons of colors, and the cover zips off for easy cleaning. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Removable cover - Mimics a blanket to burrow under - Variety of sizes and colors BUY HERE, $69.95-99.95 Other Beds We Love: MIDWEST QUIET TIME PET BED A number one bestseller on Amazon, this is the ideal bed to use in crates, in the back of the car, or anywhere in the house. The sheepskin covering keeps your dog cool in the summer, warm in the winter, AND it's stain-resistant (though it can be machine-washed). It's a winner no matter where your pup lays his head. BUY HERE, $6.99-30.11 CUDDLE CUBE PET BED This cute bed features a non-slip bottom and removable cover that won’t slide or shift around. It's easy to clean, and the filling is made from recycled bottles so your pup can reduce her carbon pawprint. The plush, 12-inch thick cube lets your pet sink into luxury, surrounded by cozy Berber. The standard Cuddle Cube is available in three sizes and colors. BUY HERE, $37.39-67.99 KURANDA CHEWPROOF PVC DOG BED Got a chewer on your hands? This durable raised bed features a poly-resin frame that no pup can gnaw through. The elevated design works well indoors or out, and the abrasion-resistant fabric wipes clean easily. It even comes with a 1-year warranty! Definitely a keeper for pups who go through ordinary beds like they chew through toys. BUY HERE, $65.95-129.95 BEASLEY'S COUCH DOG BED Now THIS is a couch your dog is always allowed on. The cotton-poly blend cover is removable for easy washing, and we love the overstuffed bolster, which sits up around the bed to provide firm support. It won't lose its shape and looks amazing among your home's decor. There's definitely no hiding this bed in the corner or under blankets! BUY HERE, $129.95 BIG BARKER 7" PILLOW TOP ORTHOPEDIC DOG BED This easy-to-clean, machine washable memory foam bed is handmade right here in the USA. Made from high-quality foam, it's guaranteed to keep its shape and not sag under the weight of big pups. The Big Barker is available in sizes "large" through "giant" and comes in three colors. BUY HERE, $239.95-399.95 DEEP DISH CUDDLER I'm getting sleepy just thinking about crawling into this thing. The sunken-in design is ideal for older dogs with stiff joints and is just about perfect for any smaller-sized pup. TBH I'd buy it for myself if I could curl up inside... As always, it's machine washable and comes in several colors. BUY HERE, $19.99-41.95 THE HUMAN BED, OF COURSE You know we couldn't leave this one out. It's the best spot in the house. Featured Image via Beau/Amazon

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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