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What Are The Best Beds For Large Dogs?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 6, 2018

Bigguns. Floofers. Woofers. Big babies. Our big pups with more to love require more than a big bed. We want them to be comfy, nestled and snoozing soundly. And to make sure that they’re having the best puppy snores, we want them to have the best place to dream of digging up the yard.

Why Buy A Dog Bed?

Your dog having their own special place to snuggle on is important! Extended nap sessions on the floor can lead to body aches which may inhibit play time. We certainly aren’t saying to stop napping with your dog, we still love snuggling our pooches too. Having their own bed just gives them their own special place to lay their bones when they want it.

Big Dog = Heavy Bodies (BarkBox Bed)

Britta Hound Dog with Large BarkBox Bed

Our large fur buds can be a little hefty! So we have to make sure that their bedding can support not just their weight but also the test of time. The BARK bed’s memory foam is great as it forms around your pup’s body without lacking in support.

This material is durable and made to withstand many a nap time to come. A tough fabric that can keep up with your dog’s everyday antics is crucial as you don’t want your pup’s bed going flat within a week. And if you have a dog who lets it all hang out on their bed (we’ll leave the “all” to your imagination), the slipcover can be unzipped and thrown right into the washer. ($45.99.)

Colossal Pup, Colossal Chomp (Kong Bed)

Kong Bed

Dog mouths can be used for good – giving morning nuzzles, playing fetch, taking cute pictures for Instagram. However, the not so good can come in the form of your dog chewing up everything around them.

If you have a nibbly dog, the KONG Bed is an ideal pick. It’s chew-resistant for those pups who can’t help but take a bite. If your dog has a serious ingestion obsession, getting a bed they can’t tear up might be worth shelling out the extra bucks. The outside is designed to prevent a chunk being taken out of it while still being comfy to lounge on! ($299.99.)

Stop the Slide! (SportPet Waterproof Bed)

Sportpet Waterproof Bed

Not all dogs just want to lie around on their bed all day – some are more active! Big dogs do their fair amount of shuffling when getting ready to rest and rambunctious puppies can turn their bed into a roller coaster in your living room. With the SportPet Designs Pet Bed, the anti-skid bottom helps with even the wiggliest of butts. ($26.99.)

The Big Mini Mattress (The Casper Dog Bed)

Casper Large Dog Bed

If you ever wanted to have matching beds with your dog, Casper gives you that opportunity. From the same folks that make a human bed endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, their pet bed is engineered by the same team. The well-stuffed foam sides can provide even big dogs feel safe and snug.

Just because your dog is larger than life doesn’t mean they don’t need a sense of security, too. For the dog that gets a little unruly at bedtime, it had excess material designed for them to dig and tough microfiber that can make it through many misdeeds. ($225.)

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 6, 2018

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