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The Best Vacuums For Homes With Dogs That Shed Heavily

Dogs are perfect and we don't deserve them, but keeping their shedding from taking over your life isn't fun. If you have a dog that sheds like crazy, you might know the struggle of finding fur tumbleweeds under every piece of furniture you own, even if you vacuumed a few hours ago. For homes where this is the case, not just any vacuum will do the job. Here are 5 of the best vacuums for homes with a serious shedding problem. For tech-savvy dog parents: ILIFE V3S ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER If you're a lazy dog parent like me, then vacuuming is probably one of your least favorite things to do. And with a shedding dog, keeping the house from looking like the floor of a hair salon is super difficult. This vacuum does all the work for you so you can just chill on the couch with your furry best friend. WHY WE LOVE IT: -I mean it's a robot vacuum. -A vacuum. That is also a robot. -Programmable, self-charging, basically everything you've ever wanted in a life partner BUY HERE, $126.13 For the green home: BISSELL CLEANVIEW BAGLESS VACUUM WITH ONEPASS cleanview vacuum I got my first vacuum cleaner when I got my dog Lady and was suddenly thrust into the world of carpet cleaning and I had zero clue how a vacuum even worked. Like, I needed to buy bags? And there were parts that wore down that I had to replace? One of the chores I disliked most was trying to figure out if the bag was full enough that it needed changing, but the only way to do that was to open the canister and choke on dust. This vacuum takes all the guesswork out and you don't even have to buy any bags for it, thank Dog. WHY WE LOVE IT: -Lightweight design 15 lbs -Washable foam tank filter -Powerful suction and innovative brush design that cleans more on the first pass BUY HERE, $79.99 For heavy duty jobs: SHARK ROTATOR PROFESSIONAL LIFT-AWAY UPRIGHT VACUUM If you're willing to spend a bit more, you can get a vacuum that is lighter, quieter, and more effective than most vacuums at the same price point. Reviewers mention having vacuumed with their old machine right before using their Shark, and being surprised when the canister gets full immediately because of all the dust and fur left behind by their previous cleaner. And as the #1 best-seller on Amazon for commercial indoor upright vacuums, I'd be glad to spend my coins if it means getting something that will do the job right. WHY WE LOVE IT: -Anti-allergen complete seal technology -LED headlights -Lift-away canister BUY HERE, $178-349.99 For light everyday sprucing: BISSEL PET HAIR ERASER HANDHELD VACUUM You can tell your dogs to stay off of the couch as much as you'd like, but they're probably going to hop right on up as soon as you leave the house. With the Pet Eraser Handheld Vacuum, you can give your furniture a quick tidying up without having to drag the big floor vacuum out of the closet because who has time for that? WHY WE LOVE IT: -Multi-layer filtration -Can be used on furniture, stairs, even your car -16 foot power cord BUY HERE, $28.47 Best floor + handheld duo: VONHAUS 2 IN 1 CORDED UPRIGHT STICK + HANDHELD VACUUM This lightweight vacuum glides easily over any floor type and is best suited for someone who'd love the convenience of a cordless vacuum with the cleaning power of a corded one. Reviewers claim this vacuum has changed their lives because gone are the days of pulling a heavy old vacuum out just for it to do a half job. This comes with a brush and crevice tool for getting that thick layer of hair off of your base molding. WHY WE LOVE IT: -HEPA and sponge filtration -1.5 liter dust capacity -Can be used on carpet and hard floors BUY HERE, $39.95 Featured image via Instagram/@minnauura

Hope Bobbitt

4 years ago

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