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24 Ways To Dogify Your Home Without Sacrificing Style

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

October 28, 2014

This article is part of our BarkPost Home vertical, The Dogified Home, full of tips, tricks, product suggestions and styling ideas for creative ways to show off your dog love in your home schweet home.

We’ve all gone absolutely bonkers when it comes to sharing how much we RUV our dogs. It shows in the books we have, the clothes and jewelry we wear, even in the random knick-knacks we buy.

While all this lovin’ is great, it can get a little overwhelming from a style perspective. So to keep your place puppy chic instead of canine freak, here are some tasteful ways to incorporate puppy ruv into your home decor.

1. Try an art silhouette of your pup over the dresser.

Art print over dresser

Add a pop of color in what would otherwise be a rather dull space. You can get the instructions for a how-to here.

2. Add some canine character to your bookshelf.


You heard it. You can use that bookshelf to do a lot more than just store literary greats. Adding little doodads like a beautiful illustration of your best bud can make the shelf aesthetically pleasing. Score!

3. Black and white is always classic.


Do you seriously appreciate the aesthetic of black and white photography? Then this is definitely up your alley. And guess what? It costs less than $10 to create. Don’t shuffle, run here for the details.

4. Display photographs with a twist.


There are frames, and then there are these pretties. Print up some pictures polaroid-style, or just add a sepia tone to them to get a more sylvan look. The tutorial for the photo holders are waiting for you here.

5. Doggie throw pillows. That’s right — pillows with your dog’s face on them. It’s seriously classy.


Here are the instructions. It’s for when you want extra extra cuddles. Your dog + your dog pillow = happiness.

6. A doge pillow for your bed.

Dog pillow

The key to nailing this bright pup pillow look is to keep the immediate surroundings clean and sleek. Solid colors will help the beauty of the pillow –and the pup– shine through!

7. A pup planter so you can start your very own herb garden.


What’s better than picking fresh basil from your very own cool planter? Get it here.

8. A pup paper towel holder.


Perfect for cleaning up any (ahem) accidents.

To nail this look, the color of the wood is key. A lighter shade makes the aesthetic stronger. Check it out here.

9. Sleek doggie book ends.


These puppies (so to speak) are stylish, not to mention a creative way to keep your tomes of wisdom standing tall and proud. You can buy this version here or you can make your own.

10. Dog print wallpaper (you’ll be surprised at how beautiful this can look).

adelaide bragg8

As long as the print is subtle, and you use it in moderation, this can make a great statement. You can get it here.

11. A puppy pooch pattern for drapes.


If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper (or the labor it entails), you can try some fun, vintage drapes in soft colors. You can scout for the best wooftastic fabric you can find and make your own drapes.

12. Typography prints declaring dog love.


It’s clean, sleek and very nice to look at. You can either hop over here to buy them, or you can make your own. After all, having it in your own handwriting will mean a lot more! All you’d need is some white card paper, gold, silver, and black paint and some patience to get the type right!

13. Poochifying your tween’s or teen’s room.


Simple elements, like silhouette art color coordinated with existing decor can polish a room instantaneously. It also exudes the coziness that comes with having a pet pup.

14. Porcelain figurines.


If you thought porcelain was only meant for your grandma’s house, think again! A good porcelain figurine placed strategically can make a stack of books look pretty darn classy. Scouting a thrift store or Etsy will help you find one-of-a-kind gems.

15. A doge nightstand lamp.


In a home where simple design is the core, this lamp would work wonders. As quirky as it is, it is the epitome of clean line design. You can find one here.

16. It’s pup o’clock!


Make art functional with this fun tutorial. Sticking to black and white for the pup while picking a bright neon color for the clock’s hands will give it a modern, contemporary feel.

17. Dog sculpture can be pawfectly lovely.


Scoff not! When you think of sculpture, you might be reminded of Joey Tribbiani’s unfortunate giant white dog piece. But the right size, style and material can make a dog sculpture so interesting it could very well be the talking point at your next dinner party. Here’s where you can start looking to find one you’d want to keep furever. If you’re looking for the piece featured above, get it here!

18. A doge gallery wall.


A gallery wall is a cool way to share artistic pictures of your dog. Just look at how proud this dog is. You can also take it a step further and feature pictures of every dog you’ve ever had (or ones you want 🙂 )!

19. A pooch calendar.
5527fc6893ee7e18705c8ddfb6f618a1 (1)

You can make it at home using pictures of your dog using this tutorial here. Or if you’d rather just buy a classy pup calendar, you can do that here.

20. A Doxie baby mobile.


A kid’s room can be the pawfect place to experiment with all things dog. However, it’s important to make sure that the dog design elements you pick work well with one another to avoid clashing. This baby mobile is just one great example of how to incorporate all the right elements.

21. Dog tail door hooks.


To add some whimsy to your clothes hook game, these are ideal. While they do come in multiple colors, you can make them more adult appropriate by painting them gold, silver or even pewter! It’ll make a chic statement.

22. Pup pop art to brighten up a corner.


The folks over at Apartment Therapy have a wonderful tutorial on how to do this well. Nothing like a great piece of pup art to put a smile on your face.

23. Tea towels, galore.


For small touches of dog love, these tea towels are simply delightful! Get them here to brighten your kitchen in the dogest way.

24. Doge bedding for a tiny hooman’s room.


Again, if done right, this can look surprisingly cool. Plus, there’s nothing better to keep your kids warm than with some good ol’ puppy ruv.

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Featured Image via Apartment Therapy

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Written by: Tasmai Uppin

October 28, 2014

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