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15 Things You’ve Learned To Accept About Raising A Heavy Shedding Dog

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 29, 2015

Many of you probably understand the struggle — those with the Golden Retrievers, Corgis, Huskies, and German Shepherds of the world. The hair is EVERYWHERE, and you find it in the most unexpected places. But you stop and take a deep breath, you say “Ugh, fine,” and get on with your life. And you know why? It’s because you love your dog so, so much that you’re willing to look past her ridiculous outerwear and on to greener pastures.

So here are 16 moments unique to the thick-coated pups we love so well!

1. When you tell your dinner guests there’s a secret ingredient in the food, no one needs to know it’s dog hair.


2. You can’t roll the windows down in the car without experiencing a 100% chance of fur-nadoes.


3. Forget the lint rollers, NOTHING will get all the hair off your clothes before work.

hair on clothes

4. It’s not a question of “Is there any hair?” but “How bad are my pants?” when you get up from the couch.


5. The weekly (or daily) dog brushing fiasco is an event that needs to be set aside in your calendar.



6. Every time you pet your dog, you feel the need to shake the fuzz off your hands.


7. Bath time in the tub? Fuhgeddaboudit. That drain will be clogged within seconds.


8. Always check beverages before you drink to ensure no loose strands are taking a dip.


9. I know they look like the best pillows, but lie your head on that pup and you’ll come away looking like a Wookie.


10. Thank Dog for lint traps in the dryer, ’cause you’ll get another dog’s-worth of hair outta that each time you do your laundry.


11. Sorry human, but a broom’s not gonna cut it on these floors. It’s time to invest in a decent vacuum.

giphy (1)

12. And don’t fur-get the curtains, either.


13. Dust bunnies? You mean dust mammoths.


14. Those pretty dust motes swirling in the sunlight won’t be so magical with half your dog floating around in them.


15. Fabric car seats are doomed… what you need is a dog hammock for those long road trips.


16. The good thing is that every time you give your dog a hug, he’ll always leave your shirt with something to remember him by.


Always remember to brush your heavy shedder frequently, and to make a visit to the groomer if necessary!

Featured Image via FairyTale Pet Care

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 29, 2015