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How Do I Puppy Proof Furniture?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2018

Bringing home a new furry family member is such an exciting time. There are so many new things to learn about this lucky pup, but with fun comes a lot of responsibility. Keeping your pup occupied is only part of the challenge of making sure your furniture doesn’t turn into a chew toy.

But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. All you have to do is follow these tips to puppy-proof your furniture:

Cut Back On Chewing With No Chew Spray

One legged french bulldog running

If wooden furniture is a must in your house, then keeping your pup from sinking their teeth into it is very important. No chew spray, or diluted apple cider vinegar, is a great way to deter your new family member from sinking their teeth into that antique end table or wooden table legs. While this spray is great for keeping your furniture teeth mark-free it can also be used on other favorite items around the house. (We’re looking at you, leather loafers.)

If You Can, Stick to Leather

While bringing home a new puppy is an adventure in itself, making sure your house is puppy-ready is a necessity. Puppy’s have accidents. Whether it’s number 1, 2 or the biting variety, your furniture will likely be the victim.

Leather furniture is often associated with easy cleanup and a little bit more durable than your average cloth couch. Just keep in mind that leather is subject to scratching- so keep those puppy nails short and pick up a leather repair kit for quick fixes.

Or Get A Cheaper Alternative/Furniture Covers

If a new couch isn’t quite in the budget, there are definitely more cost-effective options. Since your puppy won’t stay a puppy forever, typically this means that the chewing phase will end. Instead of going out and bringing home a new couch, furniture covers are a great alternative to keeping your favorite pieces looking like new as your puppy settles in.

Major plus: furniture covers makes for easy cleanup and are often machine washable.

Give Them Their Own Dog Bed

Keeping your furniture looking new and fresh can be hard even as your pup continues to grow. Getting them their own dog bed can really help keep them way from your favorite recliner that you would like to last for years to come.

The BARK Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed comes in a variety of sizes perfect for your growing pup. It offers so much comfort that they will no longer have a need to snuggle up on your bed (but the option is, of course, still be available). Plus, puppy tinkles on this bed are a lot easier to clean as opposed throwing your mattress in the washing machine.

Train Them!

Puppy looking up at woman

Training your new puppy is a necessity- crate-training, potty training, and no-chew training are essential. Puppy Obedience classes are a great start on getting you and your pack set up for success. Teaching your new family member ‘no’, ‘leave it’ and ‘off’ can not only provide extended life to your favorite furniture pieces, but there are other benefits as well.

Crate-training offers many different benefits for your pup – keeping them and your furniture safe are just a few. Crate-training is most effective once your pup starts to see the crate as their safe place. Not only does it keep your house safe from their curious minds, it keeps them safe and away from anything you wouldn’t want them getting into.

Have Their Favorite Toys Handy

Terrier Dog with BarkBox Orbee Globe Fetch Ball

It’s no secret that puppies are full of energy, so keeping the occupied is a must. Be sure to keep the house stocked with their favorite attention-grabbing toys so your recliner doesn’t fall victim to puppy teething.

BARK’s Super Chewer Toys are a perfect alternative to your favorite chair. After all, if your pup’s going to be chewing on something, they might as well be chewing on something with the word “Chewer” in the title. Try the “Gobble Gobble Gus” or “Orbee Globe Ball” toys, both of which are super durable and have secret treat compartments.

Keep Them Busy With BarkBox

Dog With BarkBox

One of the best ways to occupy a dog’s time – and therefore keep them out of trouble – is with dog toys, treats, and chews. And what better way to give your puppy all of the above than with BarkBox?

For as little as $21 a month, you can get 2 original dog toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats, and a meaty chew sent straight to your door. All of which are designed and/or curated around a really fun theme! Say, “Chewrassic Bark” or “Knights of the Hound Table.”

The reality is, if your puppy is busy with BarkBox, they won’t be busy destroying your furniture. We’re just talking about facts here, guys.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.