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The Most Amazing Bed Ever Is Also A Luxurious Dog Nook

Do you ruv sharing your bed with your dog enough that you'd buy a special mattress to accommodate 'em? The Brazilian mattress company, Colchão Inteligente Postural, is hoping you would. They've developed a "bunk bed" that lets small pups sleep with their owners without disturbing them. The mattress is taller than your typical mattress and contains a small compartment in its side that contains a pillow and even curtains. This is a genius solution for dog pawrents who want their pup close and comfy but not necessarily under their own sheets. COLCHAO INTELIGENTE POSTURAL4 The compartment is astonishingly discreet and much more sleek than traditional bulky pet beds that take up space in most dog owner's interiors. COLCHAO NTELIGENTE POSTURAL3 Your fur-nugget will be in paw's reach for belly rubs and treats in bed, close enough so you won't even have to get out from under the covers! COLCHAO INTELIGENTE POSTURAL2 Fit fur a queen with fancy curtains and a soft, silky comforter to match your own. There will be no guilt that comes with not allowing your pooch in your bed here.   COLCHALO INTELIGENTE POSTURAL This is truly the next best thing to having your tail-wagger snuggled up in the sheets with you. For more info check out Colchão Inteligente Postural on Facebook. COLCHAO INTELIGENTE POSTURAL6
H/T Distractify

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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