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QUIZ: What Is the Best Bed For Your Dog? (For 2020!)

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

April 19, 2019

At the BARK office, we obsess over designing products for our dogs. After 7 years shipping out millions of BarkBoxes, we also know a bit what makes dogs happy, healthy, and comfy. Your dog’s bed (or beds for all those spoiled doggos out there) is one of the most-used items in your dog’s life. Why not put a little bit of extra thought and care to find the perfect one for their sleep style?

Why Buy A Dog Bed?

It is very important for your pup to have their own special place to sleep and snuggle. Extended nap sessions on the floor can lead to body aches which may inhibit play time. Whether your family has a big burrowing mutt or a mischievous chewing Dachshund, we made a quiz to help you figure out the best bed for your 4-legged love. After all, we all want our pups to have the best place to dream of catching ALL THE SQUIRRELS. 🙂

*SPOILERS BELOW* What Are The Best Beds For Dogs?

In case you wanted to dig around all the answers, we’ve pasted them below!

Best For Puppies

Ah, puppies! They pee everywhere, they chew up your shoes, but they’re the most precious dumplings in the entire universe so it doesn’t even matter.

Here are some of our favorite beds for puppies:

  • BARK Orthopedic Dog Bed: For crate training your pup, we love the BARK Orthopedic Dog Bed (S-XL, $28-65). It’s cozy, machine-washable, and relatively inexpensive to replace if your puppy chews it up. Bonus: it comes with a 1-year warranty… because accidents happen.
  • Petfusion Ultimate Bolster Dog Bed: If your pup regularly has accidents, you might want to invest in a bed with a waterproof liner like this one from Petfusion (S-XXL, $64-240) to get you through those days when a floor full of training pads just isn’t enough.
  • Coolaroo Original Elevated Dog Bed: Does your dog chew everything in sight? Flippin’ butthead. Some dogs will have a longer teenage phase of chewing beds but they’ll figure it out eventually. An elevated bed like this one from Coolaroo (S-L, $23-27) might be best until they decide beds are for sleeping, toys are for shredding.

Best For Wise Salt & Pepper Snooters

You lucky human, golden girls and silver foxes are the best pups of all. These distinguished doggos deserve to be spoiled and snuggled to their heart’s content. As your pup starts to get a bit older, their needs change – particularly when it comes to their beds.

Our Recommendations:

  • BARK Orthopedic Dog Bed: This bed from BARK (S-XL, $28-65) has medical grade memory foam to soothe and comfort, an easy-off machine washable cover in case of accidents, and a hassle-free 1-year warranty.
  • Petfusion Better Lounge Dog Bed: Older pups sometimes have issues holding it overnight. This bed from Petfusion (L-XL, $90-140) has a waterproof liner to make cleanup easier, and is made with memory foam that’s easy on your pup’s joints!
  • PupRug Faux Fur Dog Bed: If your wise doggo is ROYALTY around your house, you absolutely need this bed from PupRug (S-XL, $119-139). Not only is it super snuggly and warm, it is packed with thick orthopedic memory foam to keep your pup feeling healthy and young on long walks around their kingdom neighborhood.

Best For Super Chewers

Your pup like to make mincemeat out of their bed on a regular occasion? You need a bed that’s practically indestructible! We’ve done our best to sniff through all the so-called “tough” beds out there and find the ones that truly pass the test!

Our recommendations:

  • Budget: K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Bed (XS-XL, $59-109, 120-day warranty) A basic bed with not-so-basic features, this cozy-but-durable bed is chew- and dig-resistant… and fits perfectly in your pup’s crate!
  • Midrange: K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Dog Bed (S-XL, $79-229, 120-day warranty) This bed goes the extra mile for dogs who get a little rough-and-tumble with a guaranteed chewproof, waterproof, and scratch resistant cover. It also comes in 12 different colors and patterns for all you super-stylish super chewers out there.
  • Splurge: Kuranda Chewproof Aluminum Dog Bed (XS-XXL, $111-170, 1 year warranty) This weird trampoline dog bed actually turns out to be the best-researched and highest rated solution on the market for tough chewers . A combination of elevation (for determined diggers), scratch-resistant fabric, and an aluminum and stainless steel frame will beat even the toughest chewer at their game.

Note: A lot of dogs destroy beds with the egg crate foam or shredded memory foam because it is an uneven surface that seems like a fun thing to dig. You could try a solid piece of memory foam, like the BARK Orthopedic Bed ($28-65), to try and solve this issue.

THE Most Stylish Beds, Ever.

If your home is already cool as heck, an online quiz can’t recommend a bed for you. After all, dog beds are out in the open and you don’t want them to be an eyesore!

For some great thought-starting ideas  on companies that make beautiful dog beds, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Literally anything from CLOUD 7 (S-XL, $95-560) These extra classy dog beds are made from top-quality materials for the comfiest (and most sophisticated) of snoozes.
  • Dusen Dusen Terra Embroidered Dog Bed (M, $184) This embroidered dog bed is perfect for the modern art lover (and their pups).
  • The Wolf Nest Eco Friendly Handmade Dog Bed (S-L, $175-295) Made from recycled materials, this hand-crafted bed soothes the minimalist soul in all of us and helps the planet!
  • Waggo Snuggler Bed (S-L, $118-168) This comfy bolster bed comes in 3 pastel colors with the tiniest, most precious woven dots, perfect for long naps on sunny summer afternoons.
  • Hello Pets Legowisko Hut (One Size, $119) For the pup parent who loves glamping so much they want their dogs to do it, too – this pup tent comes complete with a comfy cushion for snoozing in style.
  • BARK Orthopedic Dog Bed (S-XL, $28-65) This sleek, stylish bed has 4-color options to fit any design scheme, and is made with genuine orthopedic memory foam to help keep your pup’s joints happy and healthy!

Also check out these articles to help you find (or make!) a unique, stylish, cozy bed that fits your home:

Best Basic Beds

Your pup needs a basic bed… but don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing! Whether you want to choose a bed based on value or you want something a little extra comfy, here are some options to check out!

Our recommendations:

  • Budget: IVENHO Dog Bed (S-XL, $14-$27) This conventional rectangle bed is affordable and modern, with neutral color options that will fit just about any home decor The sherpa top is guaranteed to make your pup’s night sleep extra comfy.
  • Midrange: BarkBox Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed, (S-XL, $28-$65, 1 year warranty) This bed is cozy, machine-washable, and filled with medical-grade orthopedic memory foam to keep your pup’s joints happy and healthy. Bonus: it comes with a 1-year warranty… because accidents happen.
  • Splurge: Orvis Comfortfill Wraparound Bed (S-L, $120-180) If luxury had a lap, this bed would be it. Orvis has long been known for their extra-premium dog beds, built to last and guaranteed to make your pup’s night sleep extra comfy.

Best For Burrowers

Some dogs burrow because it’s in their genes, some dogs burrow as a result of learned behaviors. Either way, it’s ridiculously adorable and dogs who love to burrow deserve all the comfort their hearts desire. These beds are perfect for dogs who love to snuggle 24/7.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Budget: Furhaven Snuggery Burrow Pet Bed (S-XL, $22-67) The snuggly Snuggery Burrow Bed from Furhaven features silky sides and a soft, faux-lambswool interior perfect for snuggling all the way in at night. This bed also features a cooling gel foam to ensure that burrowing in never makes them get the night sweats.
  • Mid-range: Cozy Cave Pet Bed (S-XL, $70-100) This Cave Bed is a great option for your burrower, with extra-plush sherpa lining for maximum snuggling power. It also features a machine washable cover (just in case).
  • Splurge: Snoozer Cave Bed (S-XL, $80-110) This bed comes with about a million customizable options (no, really) for all of your burrower’s needs. You can opt for a cedar-poly plush fill for dogs who like that “sleeping in a cloud” sensation, or an orthopedic memory foam fill for pups who need a little extra support. It also features a removable rod to transform the burrowing blanket into a snuggly tent. Did we mention the colors? This bed comes in ALL the colors.

Best Bolster Beds

Bolsters are great for pups who like to lay their heads down when they sleep. While no bed is ever as good as a heated human lap,, these beds come just about as close as you can get.

Our recommendations:

  • Budget: Amazon Basics Padded Bolster Bed (S-XL, $11-30) This affordable fleece cushion is soft & snuggly with the perfect amount of height on the sides for your pup to rest their head. Bonus: it’s machine washable… because sometimes accidents happen. 🙂
  • Mid-range: Best Friends by Sheri Shag Donut Cuddler (S-XL, $40-110) This bed looks so snuggly I’m tempted to buy it for myself! The Shag Donut Cuddler envelops your pup in warm, cuddly faux-fur goodness and its raised rim provides head & neck support to keep your dog feeling like a 10!
  • Splurge: Casper Dog Bed (S-L, $125-225) For the pup who’s sure that no bed is as good as your bed, give them a mattress fit for a human! Casper’s Dog Bed is just about as close as any pup can get, and the raised memory foam edges make perfect “pillows” for their ideal snooze.

Best Crate Beds

Dogs are den animals and in this day and age, dog dens = comfy crates. Because your dog’s crate is an important part of their life, you want to make it into the perfect chill zone where your dog can feel most at home. And that includes getting a great night’s sleep! (Plus about 64.9 lazy snoozes throughout the day…)

These crate beds fit perfectly into standard size crates, and are super comfy for a great night’s sleep.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Budget: JoicyCo Dog Crate Bed (S-L, $25-29) This soft fleece crate bed features a non-slip coating on the bottom to make sure it stays in place in your crate. It’s also 100% machine washable – just throw the whole thing in the washer, tumble dry, and your pup’s bed is good as new!
  • Mid-range: BarkBox Orthopedic Memory Foam Crate Bed (S-XL, $28-$65, 1 year warranty) This crate bed is comfy cozy, machine-washable, and filled with medical-grade orthopedic memory foam to keep your pup’s joints happy and healthy. Bonus: it comes with a 1-year warranty… because accidents happen.
  • Splurge: K9 Ballistics Rectangle Tough Bed (S-XXL, $89-259) This bed goes the extra mile for dogs who might (unintentionally) get a little rough-and-tumble in their crate with a guaranteed chewproof, waterproof, and scratch resistant cover. It also comes in 12 different colors and patterns for all you super-stylish doggos out there.

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Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

April 19, 2019