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7 Ways This Ingenious Device Will Help Keep Your Pup Safe

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 8, 2015

This post is sponsored by the folks at Seek Thermal who make a thermal imaging camera for smartphones! Their pocket-sized camera helps you keep your pup safe in surprising ways. Whether it helps you find a sneaky pup in the night or protect your pup from hot asphalt, Seek Thermal is a helpful and fun tool for pup parents! Lucky hoomans got to test out the awesome device at this year’s BarkFest after their pups chilled out in the Seek Thermal spawnsored Splash Zone.

We’ve all heard of thermal imaging. It’s for spies, superheroes, the military and ghostbusters, right? Well sure – except for maybe that last part – but it’s also really great for pup owners.

I know. You’re thinking, “Wait a minute, what?”

thermal blue heeler

Seriously, take a step back and think about it. What’s a dog parent’s biggest fear? Losing your dog. What would be an indispensable tool that would reduce your chances of facing your biggest fear? A thermal camera.

The folks at Seek Thermal have an ingenious camera that fits onto any iPhone or Android smartphone. Along with an app, the camera transforms your phone into a heat-seeking dog detector!

Using Seek Thermal

You can spot your pup even on the darkest of nights because the camera recognizes his thermal output. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

We put together a list of 7 ways the Seek Thermal camera can keep you and your BFF together and safe.

1. Something spooks your mutt and he bolts far away from home.

Lost pups tend to be scared pups. They hide out in secure places for safety. They can be difficult to spot, especially if you live in an area with lots of places for a dog to hunker down. With a thermal camera, you won’t have to turn over every leaf or dig through the trash. The camera will tell you right away if your pup is taking cover in the bushes.

dog in bushes

2. Your pup thinks hide and seek (aka sending you into a deranged panic) is hilarious.

One of our pawffice pups, Andi, thought it would be pawsitively funny if she hid out in another dog’s bag. The Wiener figured it’d be even funnier if she ignored her mom’s frantic calls. Half of our office was scouring the streets of NYC armed with treats and desperation.

andi in bag

If we’d had a thermal camera, we would have foiled Andi’s dramatic plan to send her mother to the hospital with a heart attack.

andi in bag 2

3. Don’t make the mistake of sitting on your dog.

Small dogs not only hide out inside tiny bags, they also like to chill out on your couch and blend in with the pillows. And that’s when you accidentally sit on them and it’s like “OMG I JUST SAT ON MY DOG.”

Let’s be honest here, it even happens to pawrents of bigger dogs.

girl falls on dog

4. Avoid super nefarious critters during nighttime walks.

I live in the middle of nowhere. There are even bears where I live. Shiba Inus are rumored to be great at killing bears, but it’s a rumor I’d rather not test. You may not have bears in your backyard, but coyotes are on the prowl even in large cities.

Spot and avoid these potential dangers by arming your smartphone with a thermal camera when you go on your midnight potty breaks – er, that’s your pup’s midnight potty breaks. I assume you don’t need to go on a walk to take care of your business.

You’ll never have to find out if your pup is a serious bear taker-downer.

dog bear fight

5. Make sure your pup goes to bed on time.

Some dogs lurv the nighttime. So many sights! So many sounds! So many more small animals to pounce on!

If your backyard lacks a lot of light, you could be shouting forever to get your BFF to come inside for bedtime snuggles.

It’s impossible to find a dog under these circumstances. Really, where is the dog in this picture?

thermal dog backyard 3

Here’s the dog!

thermal dog backyard 2

6. Avoid the “um, wait, where’s my dog?” moment at the dog park.

Find your pup in sea of other dogs by scanning the park with your Seek Thermal camera. This is super helpful if you have a teeny tiny Pomeranian like this one:

thermal pom

7. Protect pooch paws from street heat in the summer.

Did you know that skin destruction can occur in merely 60 seconds if the temperature is at 125F? Most of us don’t encounter those extreme temperatures in the air, but the ground is another story. We all know to limit our pup’s time on hot asphalt in the summer. However, we don’t always think about the fact that heat lingers on those surfaces long after the air temperature cools down.

A thermal camera tells you right away if the ground is too hot for your fuzzbutt to handle.

dog walks on two legs 2

We all love our pups and want to do whatever we can to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Technology, like the Seek Thermal camera, makes is easier than ever to achieve that goal!

To learn more about what the Seek Thermal camera can do for your pup, visit their website or check out the Seek Thermal image gallery for more photos!

Feature image via @adogintheapple.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

July 8, 2015

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