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How Do I Maintain My Dog’s Coat?

Written by: Benjamin Moore

December 6, 2018

One of the best things about having a doggie in your life is petting them. Cuddling up to your doggo and playing with their super soft coat is bliss. If you’ve noticed that your dog’s coat doesn’t seem like a healthy, shiny coat, don’t worry. There are 10 ways to turn a dull, dog coat into a sleek, shiny, healthy coat.

Sometimes a dull dog coat, can be the signs of skin issues. If your dog seems to be scratching a lot, or losing more hair than normal, speak with your vet to see if they need special treatment. Your dog may have allergies or something else.

Otherwise, here’s how to ensure your dog has a healthy coat.

Pay Attention To What’s In Your Dog’s Food

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Dogs who are eat low-quality commercial dog foods or homemade diets that aren’t properly balanced, may not be getting the proper nutrients they need for a healthy and shiny coat. Low-fat diets may also cause an omega-6 deficit. That deficit can turn a healthy coat into coarse, dry hair. Check the label of your dog food to see  what’s in it,  and how much omega-6 is included. Grains, especially genetically modified grains, sometimes don’t bode well with pups and can also cause skin issues. (Click here to see our favorite dog foods.)

Make Sure Your Dog’s Food Stays Fresh

The essential fatty acids that are often included in complete and balanced kibble are prone to oxidation when exposed to air. To ensure your dog’s food stays fresh, store in an airtight container. Don’t forget to check the sell-by date on the package.

Follow A Proper Bathing Routine

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Based on your dog’s breed and personal needs, he may need a different bathing schedule than other dogs. Some dogs have skin that can only be shampooed and bathed once every few months. Other dogs need weekly baths.

Choose The Correct Shampoo

If your dog has dry skin, consider using shampoos with aloe vera or oatmeal, or a hypoallergenic option. Some breeds have their own type of shampoo and conditioner.

A DIY colloidal oatmeal bath for your dog can help significantly with skin and coat health in an easy and cheap way. Oatmeal soothes and moisturizes skin (humans can also enjoy the benefits of a colloidal oatmeal bath).  If your dog has allergies, this can soothe them

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Regularly Brush And De-Shed Your Pup

Whether your dog has long or short hair, most pups shed on a regular basis and have coats that are affected seasonally. Regular brushing and de-shedding can easily make your dog’s coat a shiny, healthy coat.

Herbal Remedies

Horsetail and spirulina are two options that you could give a go for your pup. Horsetail contains silica, which helps with the maintenance of healthy skin, bones, and fur. Spirulina contains B vitamins and carotenoids that support healthy skin as well. Be sure to check with your vet on dosage if you’re considering using herbal remedies.

Supplement Your Dog’s Coat Health

Chihuahua BarkBox Dog skin and coat supplement

BARK Dog Skin & Coat Supplement: Veterinarian-formulated, this supplement is made with all natural ingredients (including Omega-3, 6, 9, and Vitamin E) and comes in the form of 120 soft chews. Basically, it looks and tastes just like delicious treats, and it could really help soothe your dog in their time of need. ($19.99.)

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Written by: Benjamin Moore

December 6, 2018

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