10 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Dog Parents This Valentine’s Day

Written by: Melina Giakas

February 5, 2016

Every February stores across the country seem to be fully stocked with chocolate hearts, cards, stuffed bears, and all things red and pink. Instead of taking the easy way out and grabbing a candle halfway to date night, we’ve got a sweet and thoughtful list of unicorn finds any dog ruver will go crazy for.

1. Custom Laser-Engraved Keepsake

This custom laser-engraved keepsake is a spot on doppelgänger of their favorite pup. It’s made of natural crystal and available in three shapes and sizes. You can also choose to add in the pup’s name, or any message your little paw desires. 😉 Use the code 3Dbark for 30% off all products, and 3DIN2D to redeem free 2nd day air shipping on all orders above $75!

v10 new

2. Leash

The best gifts I’ve ever received are usually things I needed, but never ended up buying on my own. If the dog parent in your life is using a leash that’s been hanging by a thread for some time now, take note and get them a beautiful one they might not splurge on themselves. The best part is it’s a gift they’ll use every day.

Beast & Babe Leash

3. Dog Leash & Treat Holder

There’s nothing worse than finally catching your dog and forgetting where his leash is. Keeping treats and a leash on a hook near the door will make walks 1,000 times easier.

v3 new

4. Personalized Collar

A lost dog is every dog parent’s worst nightmare. Give them a little ease of mind with an engraved collar. I love this one by L.L. Bean because even if someone isn’t able to get a hold of your runaway pup, chances are they’ll be able to at least identify the phone number listed.

v6 new

5. Love Thy Beast

If you know a pup parent that is constantly struggling to carry their dog in that old tote bag, this Love Thy Beast is perfect. The bag’s thick handles make it easy to carry, and the side pockets are great for storing quick trip essentials like poop bags.

love thy beast new

6. Treat Jar

If you know a dog parent with boxes and bags of treats all over their kitchen, a treat jar is a simple solution. It’s a great way to help them tidy up and adds just the right amount of pup to any countertop. 😉

v4 new

7. Rainy Day Essentials

While they may pup-cessed there’s no one that likes the smell of a wet dog. Create your own rainy day essentials kit with a raincoat, booties, and paw wipes.

v12 new

8. Meal Mat

Most dogs make a massive mess at mealtime. Now you can at least contain the kibble with one of these adorable Meal Mats. The mat is large enough for both a food and water bowl. You can also add in your pup’s name and choose between 8 backgrounds and 33 breeds (so even if you have a muttagree like me, one’s bound to be close enough). 😀

V2 new

9. Paw Print Keychain

This personalized keychain is a subtle way for dog parents to carry bit of their pup with them everywhere they go.

V1 new

10. S’well Water Bottle

Whether they’re headed out for an early morning run, or looking to spend their Saturday at the Dog Park, this pup-ified S’well Bottle is a gift that all the other dog parents will be drooling over. 😉 The bottle even keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours. The opening is wide enough to fit ice cubes, but also narrow enough to prevent any crazy spillage while taking a sip.

v11 new

Featured image via. Jessica Trinh Photography 


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Written by: Melina Giakas

February 5, 2016

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