14 Resilient Dog Toys Tough Enough For Your Monster Of Destruction

Got a dog with a penchant for chewing? Give your pup the gift of endless entertainment—and possibly save what’s left of your shoe collection—with these toys and chews for the dog that loves to gnaw!

1. Bully Sticks

Here’s an all-natural, odor-free treat that your dog will love—and your nose will, too! They’re 100% digestible and made from American born and raised cattle (USDA certified). Plus, make them last even longer by wrapping one in a toy like this Veggout.

steer stick


2. Diamond Plate Ball 

This American-made and non-toxic toy is covered with a durable diamond-plate pattern that makes for a good grip on your pup’s sharp teeth. With a nice buoyant bounce, your dog will love playing fetch with this toy for hours on end.



3. The Roxxter

Available in three bright and fun colors, this puzzle toy hides treats inside and makes your pooch use his brain to get the goodies out. The toy is specially designed so that gravity works against your pup, balancing itself upright whenever he lets go. Fill it with treats small or large, or freeze some delicious peanut butter inside for hours of doggy fun.



4. Trachea

If you’re looking for a natural chew and not a toy, these chews are great. They are hollow but tough, and will last a good few hours. Beef trachea are high in chondroitin and glucosamine which can help promote healthy joints in dogs.



5. Octopus Retrieval Ball

This nifty toy is made of solid, super-sturdy natural rubber and will be quite the match for even the strongest doggy jaws. Available in both small and large, this brightly colored toy is easy to spot for outdoor play, and made for easy cleaning, too!



6. Benebone

A sturdy, flavored, but non-ingestible chew that your dog will surely adore. These are specifically designed so that it’s easier for dogs to get leverage with their own paws. You can find these easily at the BarkShop!



7. Big Orange Ball

Made of natural rubber and tough polyester, this super-durable toy is perfect for your gentle (or not-so-gentle) giant. Gone are the days of your 140 lb beauty chasing a teeny tiny tennis ball. This bright and appropriately sized toy will be your big dog’s new favorite.



8. Stogies Fetch Stick

For the fanciest of pups. This durable rope toy comes in two sizes and will have your pup eliciting a high class attitude.



9. Cow/Pig Ears

Delicious and crunchy, these are perfect for the chew-lovin’ pup who prefers not to handle the tougher stuff. Get a slow-dried Half Pig Ear for your dog and he’ll be sure to thank you… in 15 minutes after he’s done his very important chewin’ business.



10. The Odin

A puzzle toy that contains treats for your mastermind pup to get out. This one is special because it’s geometric in shape and can be connected with other Odin toys to increase the difficulty for your pup!



11. Himalayan Dog Chew

This chew is probably one of the longest lasting of all natural dog chews. Get a Himalayan Dog Chew holder from your local pet store to make this amazing chew last doubly long!



12. The Tizzi

Armed with a secret compartment you can stash with treats, this toy is perfect for fetch, tug-o-war, or even a game in the backyard pool. Super-durable and coated with bright, fun colors, it’s made for the outdoors so your pup can easily spot, fetch, play, and repeat.



13. Elk Antlers

Perfect if you’re looking for a natural chew with no greasy or stinky mess left behind. These are a great source of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium. These are also great for dental health, keeping tartar knocked down on teeth.



14. Wild Wolf Wishbone

This 100% organic suede leather chew is super tough without being abrasive on your pup’s teeth. Stuff it in your pup’s stocking, and don’t forget to get the other matching Wild Wolf toys, too!


Find all of these great products and more in the BarkShop and, if you are a BarkBox subscriber, be sure to contact our incredible BarkHappy service staff, let them know you’ve got a chewer on your paws, and they’ll make sure your box comes stocked with the toughest stuff we’ve got!


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Emily Wang

6 years ago

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