15 Dog-Friendly Couches Perfect For Snuggling With Your Pup

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2015

When it comes to dog-friendly couches, it’s all about fabrics. You can have a couch hand-crafted by Paul Bunyan himself, but cover that sucker in velvet, linen, or silk, and you’ve literally laid the foundation for total destruction. You might as well stuff the cushions with porterhouse steaks while you’re at it, because it’s goin down. But fear not, polyester-phobics/TKs. We went out and found 15 couches that are pet-friendly, (i.e., durable and easy to clean), and easy on the eyes. From leather, to microfiber, to fun patters and prints, there are plenty of ways to accommodate both you and your pooch’s lounging needs.

1. A Customizable Andre Sofa, $1949+
This midcentury sofa has some serious Mad Men appeal, so don’t be surprised when you find your pup puffin away on a cigar. A range of fabrics also means you can incorporate into most living areas.
room and board

2. Persian Rug Sofa, $629.99
You and your pooch will be sittin’ pretty in this vintage-inspired couch that looks way more expensive than it is. High paws!
world market persia

3. Distressed Leather Couch, $2799+
Go big or go home, i.e., buy this full-grain leather Daddy, or go home and sit on the floor.
PB leather

4. Taylor King Gemini Sofa, pricing not available
Stately and elegant, this couch was made for a freshly blow-dried poodle.
taylor king traditional

5. Wayfair Striped Sleeper, $889.99
Cool and casual, this sofa doubles as a queen bed like it’s no big deal. It also has reversible cushions to keep the fabric looking new. No. Big. Deal.
stripe wayfair

6. Faux Leather Reclining Sofa, $874.99
Grab the popcorn and milkbones, cuz this faux leather couch, with double recliners, was built for serious lounging. We recommend watching Turner and Hooch on repeat.
walmart grey

7. Urban Outfitters Microfiber Sofa, $1,098
This is as plush as microfiber gets, and it comes in a six beautiful colors. This is where someone might paint your dog like one of his French girls.
urban outfitters

8. Fun Bubble Loveseat, $299
This bad boy comes in 11 different covers, but we’re partial to this funky pattern which will give your pup a glimpse into life in the 60s. (Whoever created it was definitely on psychedelics, so we’re just staying in te spirit of things.)
speckles IKEA

9. CB2 Movie Sofa, $1,199
Which leads us to this sexy 70s-inspired sofa, whose depth was designed for marathon movie sessions. There’s a chocolate lab sitting on that couch and you can’t even see him, that’s how well they match 😉
movie sofa CB2

10. Retro Tillary Sofa, $999+
Dachshunds and corgis are especially partial to this low-slung microfiber couch; you’ll love that it transitions from sofa, to chaise, to sectional.
retro tillary west elm

11. Osmond Stationary Sofa, $1149.99
We’re pretty sure this is where those “Poker Dogs” hang out between tournaments.
Cabela Couch

12. The Lotus Futon, $249.99
For the low-maintenance people and pups who just need a place to crash after a long day chasing tail.
value city pod

13. Zue Terracotta, $998.99
Orange leather never looked so good…except for when you and your pooch are spooning on it.
Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2.04.05 PM

14. KIVIK Loveseat and Chaise, $929
If you’re always hosting your dawgs and their dogs, then you need this easy, breezy everybody-pile-on sectional. (Just don’t invite too many white pups. It’s not a race thing, it’s a white hair thing.)
ikea love seat and chaise

15. Wayfair Gracie Loveseat, $284.99
How could a loveseat named “Gracie” not be adorable?
gracie wayfair

Featured image via @suavegustav

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 21, 2015

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