15 Pups Who Better Get Their Dad A Great Gift Father’s Day

These dogs love their dads so much that they're gonna work real hard to make all this up to them! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiigggghhhtt? Meet 15 dogs who really need to kiss some behind this Father's Day. 1. And this is how you repay your Dad's trust? dad1 2. "So... I'll get you two neckties this year..." dad2 3. Mom's gift to Dad on Father's Day. The perfect card. dad3 4. "On a positive note, I think you'll get the new golf clubs you asked for..." dad4 5. Their Father's Day gift had better be good. Dad's been waiting for it for 4 months... dad5 6. "Oh, and by the way... Happy Father's Day." #XoXo dad6 [bp_related_article] 7. "Do we really have to do this? I already have to buy TWO gifts for Father's Day." #YeahButNothingForMothersDay dad7 8. "Lo siento." #ItMeansSorryInLuchador dad8 9. Don't worry, pup. He loves you more. We hope. dad9 10. "I made your gift myself!" dad10 11. "Don't tell, but I was trying to eat the noisy part." dad11 12. "I told you I would get you something cool." dad12 13. Like father like son. dad14 14. That was the treat check, pup. The treat check! dad15 15. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! dad13

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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