17 Elegant Accessories Every Lab Lover Needs To Have

Lab lovers everywhere: Do you want to wear your heart on your sleeve? Or necklace? Scarf? Phone case? No worries. We took the legwork out of finding the classiest Lab accessories sure to add some bark to your garb. Browse/buy now, and thank us later. 1. Labrador Bangle Bracelet, $22.75 Wear your Lab love on your sleeve with this bangle bracelet. lab-bracelet 2. Sterling Silver Lab Ring, $69.95 If you like it then you should put it on a ring. lab-ring 3. Luxe Lab Scarf, $14.99 Wrap yourself in Lab love with this infinity scarf. lab-scarf 4. Labradorable Tote, $10 Because who doesn't want to carry their Labrador pride everywhere they go? lab-tote 5. Fab Lab Phone Case, $16+ Be honest. You wish it was your dog calling every time. labrador-phone-case 6. Labrador Necklace, $19.99 Don't be afraid to add some pup bling to your ensemble. lab-necklace 7. Lab T-shirt, $22 What proud Lab momma doesn't want to tell the world? labrador-tshirt 8. Lab-inspired Workout Tank Top, $22 Sport your Lab love at the gym with this trendy tank. lab-tank 9. Labrador mug, $12 The best part of waking up is a Labrador on your cup. lab-mug 10. Labrador Fleece Beanie Hat, $20 For a whimsical winter! lab-beanie 11. Zipper Labrador Pouch, $6 This versatile zipper pouch can be used as a classy canine clutch, change purse, cosmetics pouch or pencil case. lab-pouch 12. Labrador Business Card Holder, $22.97 For the career dog mom — in case you miss your baby when you're at work. lab-biz-card-holder 13. Lab Nail Decals, $4.95 Trying to have nails on fleek? These sleek Lab decals have your needs covered. lab-nail-decal 14. Labrador Retriever Earrings, $48 Looking for just a smidgen of crazy dog lady in your outfit? Try these earrings. lab-earrings 15. Honest Labrador Retriever Shirt, $25+ There is no shame in this game. lab-shirt 16. Lab Socks, $8.95 There are days when you may need to keep your Lab love on the lowdown. But no one has to know about your funky socks. dog-socks 17. Puppy Love Onesies, $10+ For mommas of Labs and tiny hoomans alike. puppy-love-onesies

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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