18 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dog Mom In Your Life

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so we've compiled the ultimate list of gifts for those moms who love their dogs like they're children! 1. Canvas Pet Tote, $160+ from BarkShop/Love Thy Beast lovethybeast Who wouldn't want to carry their pup around in this simple, stylish tote? 2. Dog Teepee, $85 from Pipolli piggyandpolly A unique piece of home decor! Plus black and white goes with everything! Plus your dog will love this! 3. Custom Framed Prints, $60 from Social Print Studio emwng The best photos are ones with your dog in them. This is a great way to show off your sweetheart. 4. Delicate Dog-Inspired Jewelry, from BarkShop/Verameat images Adds the perfect, understated pop of pup to any outfit! 5. Fastbook, $14.95 from INK361 10949043_330341660489124_513287713_n The perfect pocket-sized book of memories to fill with favorite photos of your pup. 6. Craft Paint for Paw Print Art, $1.29-$10 from Martha Stewart paw-print-art A classy piece of DIY art to display your pup's pawprint. 7. PetCube, $199 from PetCube couple_set You'll never have to stop playing with your pup with this interactive pet monitor. It even allows you to talk to your dog through the device and shoot (safe) lasers to play with them when you're not home! 8. Custom Doggy Gear from Pridebites 11190048_1381069182223371_232733923_n High quality toys, beds, apparel, and more with tons of color variations and styles. 9. Pug Throw Pillow from BarkShop/Fenella Smith, $55 pugs A perfect way to pump up the decor of your dog-lovin' life. 10. Cuddle Clone Plush Pet, $249 from Cuddle Clones cuddleclones A custom-designed stuffed animal that looks exactly like your dog. 11. Dapper Dog Tumblers, $9 each from BarkShop/Mad Dog tumbler All dog moms put in time and effort to raise the most well-behaved pups they can. Doggy-themed kitchenware will remind any dog mom of their hard work -- and how rewarding it is. 12. Custom Cookie Cutter, $19 from Etsy cookiecutter Make baking cookies even better with these customized cookie cutters to commemorate your dogs -- who are basically good enough to eat anyhow. 13. Hamilton Lux Gift Set, $190 from Max Bone Gift_set_3c_1024x1024 Another chic set of decor, apparel, and toys. This doubles as a gift for your dog and a gift for a style-conscious doggy mom. 14. Recycled Candles, $25 from BarkShop/Rescued Wine candles Wine bottles transformed into beautiful, fragrant candles that come in Champagne, Cabernet, and Mimosa! Bonus: a portion of the profits goes to help pups in need. 15. Crazy Dog Lady Print, $27.80 from Pretty Fluffy crazydoglady A nice piece of wall decor that speaks the pup-lovin' truth. 16. Matching "Best Friends" Shirts, $25 from Indie Nook bestfriends Adorable matching shirts for you and your pup, so comfy that neither of you will ever want to take them off! 17. Sunshine Bed, $18 from Martha Stewart sunshinebed 18. BarkBox subscription of course! Get it right here. henryandpenny Because spoiling pups and making them happy makes doggy moms happy.   Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related post:  9 Dog Gifts for Spoiled Dogs who Love Their Humans
image via @cheeky_the_dog/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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