25 Dog Gifts For Spoiled Dogs Who LOVE Their Humans (For 2019!)

Dogs are the best creatures in the universe, and they put up with our weird habits all year round. They're excited by the sight of a leash, never tire of belly rubs, will always listen to our ramblings, and will party the night away with nothing more than a stick. They more than deserve to be spoiled, so here are 25 gifts to show 'em the love!

1. BarkBox, $22/month+

Small dog with BarkBox Receiving a BarkBox filled with unique surprises designed just for them will thrill and delight your pup (and YOU)! Each monthly BarkBox includes two high-quality toys, two full-size bags of treats, and a meaty chew.

Why We Love it:

- New exciting theme every month - Totally customizable - $40 value Sign up for your BarkBox HERE and receive a free extra toy every month. <-- This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! :)

2. Super Chewer BarkBox, $29/month+

Even the world-class chompians need a challenge! If your dog prefers to shred rather than squeak, the Super Chewer BarkBox is here to make playtime last longer. This box includes 2 tough toys, 2 full-size bags of treats, and 2 savory chews.

Why We Love It:

- 100% fluff-free - Customize your box at no additional charge - Get a FREE replacement if any toy succumbs to your Super Chewer Sign up for your Super Chewer BarkBox HERE.

3. Memory Foam Bed, $34.99–54.99

When your dog chooses to snuggle up on their bed instead of the couch, you know you've hit the memory foam jackpot.

Why We Love It:

- Gel memory foam eases stress on joints - Machine-washable fleece cover - Available in multiple sizes & colors Get this bed HERE.

4. Canvas Pet Tote, $160-180

If you're playing chauffeur for your pup, you'll need to provide them with a worthy ride.

Why We Love It:

- Soft scoop neck - Sturdy footpad and harness clip - Plenty of pockets to stash treats, leash, and poop bags Get this tote HERE.

5. Furbo Dog Camera, $179

Give yourself some peace of mind knowing you can keep an eye on your dog even when you're not there.

Why We Love It:

- Keep an eye on your pup in the Furbo app - Receive alerts when your pup is barking and talk to them through your device's microphone - Tap to toss a treat Get this camera HERE.

6. Wooly Snuffle Mat, $39.95

Sprinkle your dog's food or bits of their favorite treats over this unique puzzle "toy" and use their natural rooting instincts for a fun challenge!

Why We Love It:

- Skip the extra calories in treats and use the mat to serve your dog's meals - 100% machine-washable. - Provides a workout for your pup's brain

7. Madison Pet Bowl & Stand, $69--99

Make mealtimes more comfortable for long-legged pups with a set of bowls they can dine at comfortably.

Why We Love It:

- Sleek & modern design - Made of recycled, polished stainless steel & mango wood - Available in small & large sizes Get these bowls HERE.

8. Retro Raucous Bundle, $27

Feel that sweet, sweet jolt of nostalgia when your pup plays with retro toys of your past! This bundle includes the Fetch-a-Sketch, View-Fetcher, and ConnectFUR!

Why We Love It:

- Multi-part toys offer multiple ways to play - Material medley! (Crinkle, squeakers, ballistic nylon, & more!) - BARK originals Get this bundle HERE.

9. Dog Brick Treat Puzzle, $20

This is a level-2 difficulty treat puzzle for your pup to exercise those mental muscles & keep 'em busy!

Why We Love It:

- Perfect for small treats (training treats work great!) - The best-reviewed puzzle toy from the BARK community - Helps relieve stress & anxiety from boredom Get this puzzle HERE.

10. Consuela The Cactus, $10

It's the toy that started it all! Consuela is one of BARK's most popular "toyception" toys---she has a second toy inside with a new face, and ANOTHER toy inside that!

Why We Love It:

- Hidden spiky ball inside - Keeps playtime going - Super soft & squeaky Get Consuela HERE.

11. Haywood Bandana, $25

Stick to one quality collar and switch up your dog's looks with a collection of bandanas!

Why We Love It:

- Made of 100% linen - Improves with wear & age - Available in 2 sizes Get this bandana HERE.

12. SleepyPod Go Bag

Perfect for adventuring dogs and their humans, this smart bag stores & organizes everything you need on the go.

Why We Love It

- Main compartment is packed with pockets - Insulated food bag & 2 padded mini cubes - Easy-clean exterior Get these bags HERE.

13. All Weather Dog Jacket, $45

Keep your dog warm, dry, and ever-so-stylish while on your walkies. You'll definitely make all the neighbor dogs jealous.

Why we Love It:

- Dintex® weatherproof shell with micro-fleece lining - Adjustable belly strap & velcro chest strap - Machine-washable Get this jacket HERE.

14. Martingale Collar, $35

Why We Love It:

- Gives you more control with gentle cinch design - Handmade in Lake City, CO - Available in multiple sizes & lots of color options! Get this collar HERE.

15. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, $189

Stop telling people your dog is a Southern Northern Flat Heeled Poodle Terrier Doodle and get some answers, already! One quick cheek swab is all it takes to discover your dog’s breed, ancestry, and possible health concerns.

Why We Love It:

- Tests for over 250 breeds - Tests for 165 genetic medical conditions - Provides your dog's family tree back to their great-grandparents Get your DNA test kit HERE.

16. Walk Kit, $105

Finally, walkie gear that won't stain, doesn't hurt your hands when dogs pull, and has easy-open poop bags!

Why We Love It:

- Made with non-toxic materials - Flexible and tangle-resistant (no knots!) - Poop bag carriers have a serrated window Get this Walk Kit HERE.

17. Andean Peaks Nina Vest, $65

When the temps drop, the wind blows, and rain and snow are flying through the air, your pup will stay nice & toasty!

Why We Love It:

- Water resistant quilted outer shell & faux lambswool lining - Velcro straps for easy on-and-off - Machine-washable Get this vest HERE.

18. Wag Wellies, $64

Non-skid rain boots are just the thing for puddle jumpers, and they're a piece of cake to get on and off.

Why We Love It:

- Made with 100% rubber - Side slits aid in slipping on dogs' feet - Available in several sizes & colors Get these booties HERE.

19. Montana Nap Mat, $49

Leave the giant dog bed at home when you travel---this cozy mat fits nicely in cars, crates, and wherever your journey takes you.

Why We Love It:

- Available in lots of sizes, colors, & patterns - Lightweight yet sturdy - Filled with eco-friendly IntelliLoft® fiber and fill derived from recycled plastic Get this mat HERE.

20. Felt Toy Bin

This fab minimalistic toy bin keeps storage stylish and matches any home decor.

Why We Love It:

- Foldable sides for easy toy access - Stow it away or show it off - Travel-friendly with easy-hold handles Get this toy bin HERE.

21. Cactus Dog Teepee, $85

Cooler than a tent and cozier than a crate, this tiny teepee is a conversation-starter for any room.

Why We Love It:

- Lightweight & easy to assemble - Includes matching zippered mat & carry bag - Several pattern options Get this teepee HERE.

22. BIOBU Treat Jar, $20

It's what's on the inside that counts, but you'll love to display this sleek treat jar on your countertop.

Why We Love It:

- Made with bamboo & cork (renewable natural resources!) - Top rack dishwasher safe (except cork lid) - Available in 30 & 60oz sizes Get this treat jar HERE.

23. Musher's Secret Paw Wax, $20

Protect your pup's paw pads from got pavement, ice, sand, & salted roads year-round.

Why We Love It:

- 100% wax-based cream - Contains Vitamin E to help heal wounds & keep paws moisturized - Easy to apply Get this paw wax HERE.

24. Arroyo Dog Bowl, $28

Handmade in Brooklyn, these cleanly-designed food and water bowls are a great addition to any kitchen.

Why We Love It:

- Made in small quantities so each one is unique - Floating glazed bowl with unglazed underside - Customizable Get these bowls HERE.

25. Personalized ID Tags, $15--17

Safety first! All dogs need to wear tags, so why not have a little fun with them?

Why We Love It:

- Completely customizable - Made from aluminum, brass, copper, or nickel - Engravings won't scratch off Get this tag HERE. Here's to the dogs who make our lives better every single day!

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